Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Beginning

Journey to bliss is a work in progress not only is it the start of my blogging attempts but its about my journey to and through pregnancy, motherhood, wifehood, family, self-discovery and honouring the soul through creative endevours. I hope that if others choose to follow Journey to Bliss that they will find hope and comfort in shared journies with me and they to are inspired to go beyond the fear of pain to embarking on a Journey to Bliss themselves. Its my hope that I will be able to share the dark and the light, the funny and the sad, the crazy and the deluded, and the creative attempts and creative flops of the journey that makes me who I am on my Jouney to Bliss.

I am currently a 30 something stay at home mum, although my journey to motherhood took a twist and turn, that has seen me as a stay at home mum in waiting since 2008 until our beautiful little C entered our world in April 2009. No longer a mum in waiting, I spend my days trying to run a house, playing wife and mum and trying to honour my creative desires. I will share the journey from 2008 until C's arrival and the on-going impact of my experiences in coming blogs. However tonight why not get to know other things about me.
* I am a sucker for op-shopping and a love a bargain and a unique find, I love vintage clothing and costume jewelery.
* I think there is a great artist living inside of me and although years of attending different classes hasn't neccessarily yeilded astounding results, I have the belief that I will hit my stride one day......but ahh well art is subjective and if you don't like it, I just might. Art for me currently is releasing my soul of emotions that need guiding out, so I try not to block it by what people may define as good or bad, art or nonsense.
* I like to read and cook (but baking doesn't seem to do much for me, someone else can make the cake I say) and am generally anal about having a meal plan and sticking to it.
* I am a fiercely loyal friend and will go to the ends of the earth for those dear to me.
* I think I am the funny one in my marriage of 11 years, an on going argument still stands after 14 years together of who really has it going on in the humour stakes.
But look these points are silly nonsense for the moment - but yet all true, honestly though you will get to know me in time as being someone who wants to help others and I am happy to reveal myself in the process to help and heal myself and others.

I hope you will drop in from time to time and see if we share things in common on the Journey to Bliss.

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