Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our baby boy

Let me introduce you to Cohen John born April 24th, 2009 born at 4.16am. Vital statistics 7lb14oz, 53cm long and just gorgeous. Back in the maternity ward after recovery DH and Cohen are bought to me as soon as I arrive back. Straight away we try to breastfeed and he is such a little champ and latches on straight away. I am so glad, breastfeeding my baby is the only thing through his whole pregnancy I gave any committed thought to......I am so relieved he is keen for boob. After feeding, DH and I spend the day behind closed curtains sharing time with our son and doing skin to skin. The haze of the mornings events starts to clear a little bit. I can finally look at him and see that he is just the most perfect little thing I have ever seen and can't imagine anyone else more perfect then him. I think that is the moment I can actually pin point for sure that I fell into complete, utter, head over heals love, beyond all imaginable belief. That feeling along with some linger haze of events though has me thinking at times that someone will come around from behind the curtain and thank me for babysitting and ask for their baby back. But I know he is mine, I just don't want anything happening to him he is mine and he is here and is just my world.

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