Friday, February 5, 2010

Artistic and Creative Endevours

I have always had an artistic and creative spirit, and have always had the burning desire to try different things. In the craft realm I have dabbled in several things before and at one point was even a scrapbook teacher for a short period of time. About 4 years ago now in the middle of a difficult time in my life I decided that I needed to do something for my soul, something it had been asking for and wanting nourishing for some time. I bit the bullet and enrolled into a beginners art class, I never took art at school and my artistic efforts had all been private attempts of drawing and sketching at home. My art classes taught me a lot but in the long run it was focused on oil paintings solely as the medium they taught in. I stayed with the school and moved into intermediate classes, but eventually followed my teacher when she left to another school. My teacher at the time was a few years younger then me and I quickly learnt that although she knew enough to teach art, she couldn't help students direct the soul journey through discovering the world of art. I think she also lacked social interacting with people for the most part and struggled to relate to students appropriately. She ended up making inappropriate comments about students and art and students in general. Therefore it saw some of us leave her tuition in search of other artistic journeys.

I normally find that people of an artistic, creative or musical background are people that are very understanding on how a journey through these realms comes from the soul and you have got to feel supported and safe to reach your potential. So I struggle to understand why our teacher was the way she was. But never mind in the end I ended up following a dear friend of mine, which saw us under the tuition of a Master Pastelist, Cynthia Hargreaves. Under her tuition I learnt so much more again and she was a lovely women who spoke about her life experiences and what bought her to painting or drawing a certain piece at a certain time. I enjoyed the medium of pastels for some time and was able to complete many more pieces then I had ever accomplish at my original school or under the tuition of my original teacher.

After many pastel pieces under my belt I thought I would try an oil painting again and had choose my own elements to create inspiration for the piece. All previous pieces had been a picture of something I had thought "oh that would been nice copied into an art piece". So I guess what I am trying to say is that this was to be a major undertaking for me to finally embark on my own emotional and creative inspired piece. I knew I wanted the piece to feature elephants as I feel an affinity with them. I also knew I wanted to piece to show the nurturing side of a mother elephant, as it was meant to be reflective of the private journey I was on, trying to start a family. This piece I speak which you will see pictured here is still incomplete. I had been working on this piece when I found out I was pregnant with Elle & Meg. As that pregnancy progress I ended up having to pull myself out of classes as the late nights were too much for me. I wish to complete this piece but have not in the right place emotionally to do that due to the symbolism that this piece holds for me. I feel now, nearly 2 years on that I may be getting to a place where I can look at trying to complete it some time soon.....I will keep you posted.

In the meantime here are some pictures of some of my works. Art is subjective and I don't expect others to like all or even any of my pieces. For me art is just about letting my soul say something rather then being conformed by what others deem as art or not. Just as a final note I have not returned to art classes since losing Elle & Meg. I decided that I wanted to be free in my own space to work on pieces when and how I felt directed by my soul to do so. I did find the class situation to be a frustrating element for me ultimately, and always being pushed time wise and to try techniques I had no interest in pursuing at the time. So I have decided that at least for the foreseeable future that I will just do what I want to do when I want to do it and see what I can teach myself through a self-guided journey.

Oil and Ink Lillies

Pastel Row Boat

My un-finished Mumma and Bubba Elephant oil painting that I was painting when I fell pregnant with Elle & Meg, I hope in time I can pick this up and have it be something I am really proud of.

Pastel Chess Pieces I really like this piece and am rather proud of it, I must get around to framing this one.

An oil copy of the book cover of the children's book "When the wind Blows"

Our dear Howard and oil painting I did years ago now (not quite finished needs his whiskers). RIP darling we miss you.

Oil Painting and Oil Pastel

Pastel Hibiscus, which now hangs in our bathroom and greats me each day, its symbolic of Elle & Meg

For the Girls, oil painting and pastel

Finally this last piece is not mine it is a portrait my pastel teacher at the time did of me she called it "The Daydreamer". I think she may have also been prompted to title that due to the slow pace I worked at in class

I have more drawings and and bits and pieces that I will hopefully get around to adding in time. But this is just a bit of what I get up to from time to time. Painting and drawing though has taken a bit of backseat recently to me teaching myself to sew. So shortly I will be adding another post on what other creative endeavours I have been up to.

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