Sunday, February 21, 2010

How did it go, you ask!

So at my last entry I spoke about learning to use an actual pattern and follow it. Well last night Katherine came over and we had a few glasses of wine over her teaching me the ins and outs of what the damn pattern instructions actually mean. I must say I did learn a lot of little things which I am sure will improve my sewing knowledge and skills over time. I am the type of person who learns from doing things but I generally need to do it several times and have someone spotting me so to speak to confer with. Sorry did I hear you ask for a picture? Well you're going to have to wait, because I'm not done yet. We achieved a lot last night but Katherine has left me do the casing for the elastic to do myself and hemming the legs of the pyjama pants I am making.

Early this evening I attempt to do the casing for the elastic but it ended up doing my head in and I had to walk away from it. The pattern instructions says I need 3..2cm hem or whatever for the casing but the raw edge needs to be folded up by 6mm. It's that damn 6mm with flannelet fabric that was driving me nuts trying to get it all perfect and right and was all over the shop. I chucked the sooks and decided to walk away from it for the night. The pants are looking fantastic (because I had Katherine guiding me) so I don't want to do a dodgy arse rob on the rest because I know she is going to check on it like it was homework from the teacher. So for now I will give it another try early this week, as I want this project completed before I head off to Canberra this week. So there you go for know, I'm working on it..........I will be a sewer yet.

So for the other highlights of the weekend I did my volunteering at the gym's creche yesterday and I had an awesome morning. I got to look after a cheerie 4 month old boy......cluck, cluck, cluck. I am really enjoying the interaction and makes me miss all the wonderful things are about working with children and their sweet minds. One of the ladies I work alongside is a Pilate's teacher and holds 2 classes at the gym during the week as well as working in the creche. I am going to try and attend her class tomorrow night if not Monday, she is certain she will be able to help with my array of neck and back problems. As well as assisting me to get some form back after all my body has been through in the last few years with babies and pregnancy.

Our day today was spent checking out more of the newer section of Robina Town Centre. We were in search of some different types of toys for Cohen, we have so much plastic stuff around here (if we are buying stuff we would rather wooden/ eco toys). Cohen is 10 months this week and its a hard age to buy for, we opted to buy nothing but we had a look around. We saw some great wooden toys which we would dearly love for Cohen, but it will have to wait (maybe his birthday). After Robina Town Centre we headed to Noelle's so DH could meet sweet Elizabeth. I could tell by the look on his face after seeing how small and precious she is that he too was all clucky (he won't deny it). We enjoyed a nice lunch with Noelle, her DH and kids which we arranged, so I hope that gave them a bit of a break not having to worry about doing that with a newborn.

As for my evening tonight well I am going to retire shortly with a full belly after scoffing down a bowl of pasta with homemade pesto and a whole block of chocolate. Yes I know piggy wiggy......but sometimes things call your name and you just can't stop at one piece. Oh well good thing I have a gym membership to take advantage of now.

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