Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's nice to let them know what they mean to you.

I have had lovely morning, I decided that Cohen and I needed to run into town today to do some errands and pay some very important people a visit. These special people I'm talking about are earth angels and blessings in my books. These people are some of the group of people who have been crucial in my grief process and my delivery of Cohen and afterwards. So we decided this morning that we would drop into the maternity ward at the hospital. My feelings of going to the maternity ward are always fraught with mixed feelings because not only is it were I spent my first few days with Cohen, but it is also the place where I laboured and lost my Elle and Meg.

This morning we got to see Karen (my Karen as I have referred to previously), Karen was the midwife who was with me when I lost Elle and Meg and since then our little family has stayed in touch with this beautiful angel. It has been several months since we have seen Karen and as always it is exciting to see her. Cohen beams smiles at her and gives cuddles. I just love seeing Karen she always makes me smile and giggle and I think my journey through my grief would have been harder had I not been able to maintain the friendship we have now established. Had we not kept contact I would have always wondered how her experiencing my tragedy with me would of effected her journey as a midwife, a mum and as a person. I always let Karen now how her kindness and support has effected our lives and how thankful we are for having her in our lives. I believe it was some divine power that sent her to me on the 25th May 2008 to be with me through the worst moment in my life.....and for the blessing of Karen I will always be thankful from the depths of my soul.

This morning we also got to speak with Di who I have seen a few times on my visits to pop in and say hi with Cohen, but I have never really been able to have a long conversation with her. Anytime we see her, her face lights up and is eager to say hi and see how Cohen and I are doing. It wasn't until today that I realised what part she played in supporting me on the 25th May 2008. I now know that she supported my girlfriend after being shuffled out of room when I lost the girls. Di expressed to me how wonderful she feels it is when mothers like myself visit and let them know what they have done to help us through our journeys. In emotional tones she expressed to me how she loves her job, but letting them know what they mean to us in our journeys helps them do better. Di is such a sweet, open women and again I always love seeing her on our visits.

Lastly this morning we got to see Maia who I have previously explained was our social worker after we lost Elle & Meg and my support during Cohen's pregnancy. Maia in my belief is another earth angel sent from other realms to help me through my journey, she has limitless compassion, grace and calm about her.......qualities I wish to only build upon on further in myself. We laughed, giggle, chattered at a hundred miles an hour this morning, about all the going-ons in the months since seeing her last. I think the last time she saw us, Cohen was 16 weeks old and he has changed so much since then. Only thing though today, Cohen decided it was sleep time by the time we got to see Maia, so she didn't get to see the sweet, cheeky little fella he is becoming. I am sure we will see her again soon enough and she will probably poke fun at how he is just like his mum and dad with his cheekiness. As I do with the others I always give Maia big hugs. I'm sure she always knows and feels that those hugs are always saying thank you for everything you have done and being who you are.

These women and others are such special people in our journey and its really important that they know it, hear it and feel it. If you ever find yourself in a position were you have angels like these help you along a significant journey like ours I would encourage you to reach out and let them know how special they are. Just remember that good, bad or otherwise some of the midwives, social workers, health care professional keep thinking of you long after you are gone and wonder how everything is. Just remember to, that you effect their lives as much as they effect yours and they aren't always thanked for the work and jobs they do. Can you imagine what some of them have to face on good days and bad days with the type of work in the maternity division........I know because I have shared the worst of days in my life and the best of days in my life with these people. If you can let them know how you feel and what they have meant to you, not only is it wonderful and rewarding for them to hear it, it will help your own journey limitlessly.

To my angels thank you.

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