Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More booby updates

Well my post are fast becoming the "booby journals" aren't they?

Cohen and I had more success yesterday, I can't believe it is just wonderful. After yesterday mornings efforts with Cohen waking at 2.30am, he has backed up in fine form. During the day I gave him easy access to my boobs and he had the few odd sucks here and there throughout the day. However when I tried to put him down for his afternoon sleep he woke 10 mins later crying with his runny nose again. So instead of trying to see if he would settle back down in the cot, I bought him out to the lounge room to lay down with me on a cool fresh sheet. I got him to settle back down and doze for another 10 mins but he woke again, crying and looking exhausted. So I ended up laying on my side and offered boob. He took and stayed on the boob sucking for AGES and actually took himself off to sleep from being on the boob.....I was amazed.

Cohen had a long nap with me on the living room floor when he woke he was a little dis-orientated I think from waking up in a different location from normal. After a few cuddles and a little play he started to get grizzly again. At which time DH called to advise he was on his way home to give me a break from being up since 2.30am. After speaking with DH I got a grizzly Cohen onto my lap and offered him boob again and he stayed on for a good 15 mins at least until DH got home. Cohen only pulled himself off the boob when DH came through the house from the garage. To which Cohen greeted DH with big smiles, and DH greeted us with kisses and high fives again for our efforts.

A little later on in the evening before Cohen's bed time and before arranging his bed time bottle, I offered him boob again. Again he took it and DH watched on in awe that his little man was latching back on after all this time away from the boob. So there you go our most recent up date, I am so happy with our efforts. And you know what? I am really damn proud of myself for my efforts to do this for Cohen, I'm so proud that I have followed the right cues from my son and I am giving him what he has been asking for. Again it makes me think about how thankful I am to be a SAHM, and that we have this time together and the opportunity to pick up on these things in my son and give him opportunities.

I am hoping we can keep backing each day up with more and more success. Only thing on my mind is going away to Canberra on Friday and not wanting it to impact our efforts. At this point I will offer him boob whilst at the airport right up until I have board the plane and hopefully he will take it. When I return on Saturday night I will offer boob again straight away. In between this time there will be 4 other feeds I will miss. DH is happy to fulfill any request I have of him in keeping Cohen's feed times as close to our times together to limit impact. At the moment Cohen isn't having anywhere close to a full breastfeed besides my supply is still be worked on. However because I am offering boob as much as I can during the day and he is having all these snack feeds so to speak. So please anyone reading this please cross your fingers for us that the breastfeeding fairies will be working in our favour to resume with no further interruption when I return on Saturday evening.

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  1. i'm so happy things are going so well getting the little man back on the boob. you should be so proud of yourself - it's a champion effort :D


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