Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The most amazing thing has happened....

In the last week or more now I have started to think my hopes of getting Cohen back on the boob may be numbered due to his teething and sever biting of everything. We have gone from him having the odd few sucks in a row and going back to the bottle during feeds to him biting me so severely that I haven't been able to offer him up boob. So whilst we have been trying to get his teething and biting to settle down I have still been keeping up with all our little tricks to encourage lactation and Cohen's interest in the boob. I have been careful not to force things with him due to being unsettled with the teething and also to protect myself somewhat from his vicious biting. Since the sever teething and biting I have struggled to get him interested back into latching back on even for a few sucks like he had been doing. I mean he has seriously been showing no effort and therefore why I was starting to get dis-heartened. But then something happened yesterday afternoon, the most amazing thing happened.

I was sitting on the floor and thought I better just get the girls out for a bit of a squeeze. I've figured I better try and keep up what little supply I have been able to get going, whilst we keep working on our efforts. Anyways Cohen came crawling over and got his fingers wet with the tiny amount I had hand expressed on my nipple. He proceeded to put his fingers in his mouth to have a taste then his mouth on my boob for a lick really. But it was what he did next that surprised me, he started to have a whinge so I laid down on the floor on my side with my boob out and he latched on and sucked no stop for a few minutes. He took himself off after a bit and I sat up so he sat up and put himself back on. Then the phone rang and I grabbed it whilst I stayed seated where I was and he crawled around in position whilst I was on the phone and latched himself back on for another minute or so.

I can not express to you how thrilled I am about this, I am amazed how this has come all about from the first days of him showing interest again, when my head was swirling with the loss of my most recent pregnancy. Since those early days of him showing interest in the boob again the best until yesterday, I could encourage was 4 - 5 odd sucks in a row maybe twice a day if I was lucky. But today without me pushing anything with him, he has come out of the blocks and blown me away. I am so, so, so proud of my little man.

We have even more success since yesterday afternoon as well, Cohen had a restless nights sleep and woke at 2.30am this morning. He had a runny nose which I tried to take care of and then tried to get him to settle him back down so I could put him back in his cot. I ended up bringing him into our bed to help get him settle and after some initial squirming he settled down and to my surprise again he latched on, this time onto my other boob. He stayed on for longer then yesterdays efforts, so I am absolutely thrilled. I have given him easy access again this morning since being up and about and he has shown eager interest.

So just when I thought we might be taking a major detour with the re lactation resorting to EMB at best he has surprised this mumma beyond all imaginable belief. I am really proud of both of us! I know it's still early days yet and I will still need to take things slowly with him and not push or rush things. I don't know where our end destination with this journey is going to end up, but for now I am so happy for what we have.

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