Friday, February 12, 2010

Red, Red, Red

Tomato look at it, I finally did it.

DH and I are slowly trying to get a collection of vegetables, herbs and fruit in pots going. We don't have the space in an appropriate area on our property to put a vegie patch where it would thrive in the right conditions. So our best option is pots down one side of our house along the fence. Currently we only have the tomato tree, a basil plant, thyme and coriander. Well we did have coriander until a certain dog......Lacey, decided to dig it out of the pot agrrrrr. Our basil plant is absolutely thriving it is massive. When I do our meal plan this weekend I am planing on a big pesto pasta meal and using the basil, my mouth is watering at the thought of it now. Our thyme needs to moved into another pot as it is being overshadowed my the basil, a job for this weekend I think. The tomato plant well what can I say we have been very fortunate since potting it, to be getting a lot a rain on and off so it has helped. I must tell you the truth this isn't it's first tomato we have had several but have lost them to aphids or black rot. Just a few weeks ago I had left one on the tree that was turning the perfect shades of red and I was waiting for perfection to pick it for a toasted sandwich. It was the same night DH had gone out to watch the football (soccer) with a friend. I was thinking great easy meal night and then I can get on with my little sewing project I had planned that night. I went out to the tree to pick it for my half prepared sandwich and it was gone, it wasn't on the tree. I was flabbergasted, and I knew there was one culprit and one culprit only.....Lacey. I took a walk around the yard and yes my suspicions were confirmed she had half eaten the damn thing.

So here we are now a few weeks on and we have avoided rot and aphids this time, however this one fell off the tree whilst turning a yellowy colour. I decided to bring it in and vine ripen it on my window sill so to speak. So all is not lost and look what I have to show for it my first edible tomato and all without a drop or dusting of any pesticide wouldn't you call that 100% natural. I am looking forward to eaten it this weekend.

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