Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This years promises to myself!

So I call them promises, I don't know why but the word resolutions really bothers me. So this year I thought I wouldn't get too carried away with the dawn of the new year and keep things realistic. First promise is to be kinder to myself, which leaves a pretty wide berth of how I could go about achieving that. I guess it's just about honouring yearnings and my soul, so that shouldn't be too hard. Second promise probably could tie into being kinder to myself by honouring my desires. This second promise is to teach myself to sew. DH bought me a sewing machine years ago as I insisted I had the drive to do something and had hair brained schemes of all sorts of things I could make. I have dabbled in attempts at sewing before but haven't achieved anything of major substance, and I haven't continued to push on beyond those crappy and mostly unfinished attempts. But now I am determined that I am going to make a serious go of learning and teaching myself to sew this year. I think giving myself the year to achieve greatness is a pretty fair deal. By the years end the goal is to be competent enough to make several gifts for family and friends for Christmas.

I am seriously determined to achieve my sewing goal and I think having Cohen will help as I would much prefer to be able to make wears for him. I also have a major passion for op-shopping so I am also hoping that I will be able to score some cool finds that I can up cycle into some cool pieces for Cohen and for us as well.

My first albeit slightly dodgy outfit for Cohen, the singlet is good I am fairly impressed with my appliqueing abilities given it was my second attempt. I do have a pic around somewhere of my first applique attempt but can't find it.....but that was bad. What can I say about the matching shorts the only pattern I followed was unpicking an old pair of shorts and working out from there how I thought it was all meant to sew together. The print fabric is something I picked up from a op shop years and years ago and have held onto it wanting to do something with it (I have always wanted a skirt for myself in this print). Anyways the white fabric is a really good quality high thread count queen sheet I picked up from the op shop as well. So all in all not bad going......if you could see the stitching attempts on the shorts though you may be reserving your praises. Ahhh well its a learning process, I'm going to need to make mistakes to learn from them aren't I??

So this is a fabric notebook cover with pockets I have made, I tried to follow an online tute which I discovered once starting the project really didn't make all that much sense. So I had to try and teach myself on the fly, it's not what I hoped it would be, so we will have try again and this time I think I will just sew to the beat of my own drum then follow that online tute again. But as I said before mistakes are just chances for me to learn from.

A little pic of a little fabric stash I have, I'm sure not a big deal to seasoned sewers out there, but my stash nonetheless to start off with. Oh and a big thank you to my dear Caroline for the bookcases this one has come in handy, another 2 shelves yet to be filled with sewing goodies, but that will happen in time.

This is a pic of my sewing quarters in our office, the fabric you see on the table is a work in progress, a pair of fishermen pants for Cohen.....when completed I will post another pic.

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