Friday, February 19, 2010

The Week.

My post last weekend hinted at this week being full of exciting things for Cohen and I to do. Well the week I thought we would have hasn't turned out, as I had hoped. I had hoped that this was the week I was going to get back into yoga, but two things have stood in my way. The first thing that prevented me from attending my first yoga session in nearly over 2 years was waiting around here at home for an insurance accessor. The weekend that Cohen and I made his first cubby house was the same weekend we had such massive down pour with rain that we ended up with a roof leak. We have been waiting since then for the accessor to come out and look at the damage, and in the meantime we have had another brief but heavy down pour which has sprung more wet patches in our living room. So the accessor called the other day and said that he would be here yesterday between 10am - 2pm. Since yoga starts at 10.30am there was no way I was getting away.

As luck would have it when the insurance accessor was here yesterday I some how injured my back lifting Cohen and putting him on my hip. I ended up with sharp shooting nerve pain down through my hip and upper leg. As a result I had to call DH and ask that he come home to help out with Cohen, as every time I tried to lift Cohen I felt I was going to drop to ground. So now I really need to get back to yoga to get back into a limber state. DH gave me a break from everything last night so I could rest, so along with that painkillers and full nights sleep I am feeling a lot better but a little tender. So hence there won't be any major activities around here for a few days.

As for other matters this week I have finished a little sewing project which were fisherman pants for Cohen. However I have decided it is time to actually try and follow a legitimate pattern as we are nearly at the end of the second month of the year and my sewing goals need to see me very capable by the end of the year. So I have asked my dear Katherine to come over Saturday night whilst DH is at the football, so she can assist me with following a pattern correctly. So I am going to attempt to make myself some flannelet PJ pants.

So for the now that's how my week has ended and my weekend is looking, I will post over the weekend and show you how my sewing over the weekend got on. Fingers crossed for next week and achieving more.

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  1. Awww, you could have come over here on Saturday night and sewed with me while the boys were at the footy!


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