Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wow....what a week!

Gee what a week it has been, firstly this week I have felt that some of the cloud of our recent loss in January has started to lift. I have started to feel a lot more like myself and getting that pep back in my step and that drive to do things and go places if you know what I mean. Secondly this week I took a major leap with my blog and shared it with a greater audience of people I know. The response has been overwhelming and I am truly touched to the depths of my soul by every ones beautiful comments. Furthermore I am touched by the stories some have shared with me, thank you for trusting me with those. It's reassuring to know that not only am doing something for myself that allows my healing to continue but through that process I am helping others as well.

For the rest of the week I have been kept busy with a little man who is teething and suffering a bit with separation anxiety because he is feeling out sorts. As long as I'm not too far away for reassuring cuddles he has been doing alright. To distract the little man we have tried to get out and about as much as we can and on Friday we caught up with old school friend and her son and had a lovely time at the park.

This weekend however has seen us very busy, Saturday I started my volunteering at a local gyms creche. I think I mentioned previously that I am giving up two Saturday mornings a month from 8am - 11.30am to help out and in return a get a gym membership. I am looking forward to attend some yoga classes and getting back into it. I haven't been back to yoga since a few weeks after I fell pregnant with Elle & Meg and I was on restrictions so to speak. So hopefully this coming week I can start working on the mind and body connection a bit more again. So my first day of volunteering went really well I got along well with the staff and kids and it felt like I had never left those days working back in childcare, I guess some things are like riding a bike.

As for this morning however (Valentines Day) well there were no celebrations here we were too busy. DH got up at 3.50am this morning to get going down to the car boot sale site. If you leave it too late you get a really crappy spot, so off he went this morning. When Cohen stirred this morning I got him feed, dressed and organised and we headed down to join DH. We had a lovely morning down there it was busy, hopefully the pics shows you that and the fun Cohen was having under another makeshift cubby. We did pretty well with the car boot sale and I now have some extra funds for my girls trip away with Caroline to Canberra in just under 2 weeks.....yay can't wait. After the car boot sale there was a bit of dash here at home to get organised and tidied up for our guests this afternoon. We had my very, very dear old school friend of mine Cameron and his fiance here for afternoon tea. So we managed some baking of choc chip muffins before they arrived. So overall it was a lovely afternoon and Cam and I were talking a lot of crap as we generally do and reminiscing about old times.

Well the week ahead is already shaping up to be a fun and busy one for Master Cohen and I, so I will keep you updated as the week progresses. Oh and check out the pics from today's car boot sale.

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  1. Thankyou Trudie, for sharing your thoughts and journey. I look forward to reading your blog, and seeing how life is holding up in the life of Trudie, DH & Cohen. Take care. Nikkix


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