Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Just a quick post to say since posting the other day and being a bit of a sook, things are better. I took some of the immediate advice and support I got from my fellow cloth nappy loving mumma's on Nappycino. I guess due to lack of sleep, I got a little off track about everything I was doing, sleep deprivation does funny things to you emotionally and mentally. Anyways I am back to concentrating on what is happening and not what isn't happening (thanks to Gis for that advice and reminder). I have tweaked our night routine and I am just being more mindful and in the moment and now Co and are relaxing together and he is having a big feed in the evening. In fact last night I closed my eyes whilst he was feeding and think I caught a wee little nap before dinner. As a result I am allowing my body to relax and I am trying to trust all the hard work we have put into this journey together and that just trusting Cohen knows what he is doing. Thanks to the support and advice of some of the NC mummas, which made me see things clearer through my tired eyes, Cohen has now had better more restful sleep and so has his mumma.

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