Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hard work has its rewards

Just a quick update to say that things are going along swimmingly with Co's breastfeeding. My supply is really starting to come back, and Co has been having some really long sessions at the boob which would be assisting with milk production as well. He doesn't seem so bothered anymore if I move around or even carry him around sometimes whilst he is on the boob feeding now. That in itself is a big deal, because previously if I so much as moved more then inch whilst he was on, he would take himself off the breast and get distracted.

The most fabulous thing happened just this morning after having a big long feed and a top up an hour later; we have been able to drop his morning bottle. It was just yesterday I was starting to get myself concerned about how I was going to navigate him away from the bottles. I am so stoked and I am continuously amazed how this whole journey keeps going from strength to strength.

Here is a pic of my little champ having a feed after his afternoon nap on the weekend.

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