Friday, March 26, 2010

Have you seen the milk bandit?

He is described as being short, with blond curly hair, blue eyes, cheeky smile and just gorgeous.

Cohen and I had a lovely morning visiting Noelle, Jimmy and Elizabeth today. I got to have a little cuddle with Elizabeth.....oh so sweet, thanks Noelle....cluck, cluck, cluck! She is just precious, but I am sure you knew that! Cohen had a great time as he always does at someone else house, investigating all the nooks and crannies he shouldn't be in. He followed Jimmy around as he played with his new truck he got for his birthday.....happy birthday darling. As for myself I got to see the wonderful job your are doing Noelle managing two children now at 2 years of age and under.

Whilst visiting the milk bandit struck on several occasions!

You see, I tried offering Cohen boob several times during our visit but he was too excited and distracted by everything else there was to look at and get into to. But with this kid you have to be quick, his eyes fixed in on Elizabeth's expressed breast milk bottle and was quick as lightening to get his hands on them and in his mouth on several occasions. Hilarious really, this boy of mine must be pretty damn keen on mothers milk and doesn't care about the source. Way to go my boy.

Anyways the milk bandit was later caught and taken home and settled with his mummy on the recliner for a quiet feed on the boob. I think we have a lot more work to do for Co to be feeding just anywhere we go anytime. So at least we have home and thankfully at least if we take him somewhere in the evening he will feed from me if I sit in a dark room with him and he has no visual distraction. No complaints it's just an observation that I have to work our day around being able to have enough time at home during the day to ensure he has opportunity to feed from me.

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  1. i know i've said it before but i'll say it again - i'm so impressed with your efforts getting the little man back on the boob. you rock girl!!!


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