Sunday, March 21, 2010

It doesn't take much.....

It doesn't take much to make me happy!

We have had a busy yet lovely weekend. Friday night we had dinner with the IL's, which is always nice to see them interacting with Cohen. Saturday morning Cohen had a swimming lesson, and it's the first time in several weeks I have been able to make it along. Poor darling was unusually moody and not into his time in the pool. I think some of it may have to the do with his neediness for me now that he is back on the boob. I ended up having to move out of sight so Ben could try and get him to concentrate more on his lesson. After his swimming lesson we dropped Ben of at home and, Cohen and I headed to Southport. We met up with one of the fellow Nappycino mumma's. She is in QLD from interstate at the moment and I took up the opportunity to meet her and put a face to the name and lovely words and advice I have received since being a member of the forum. So we all had a lovely time at a park by the Broadwater watching the boys play whilst we had a chat.

Saturday we enjoyed a lovely evening with some friends we haven't seen in ages and finally got to meet their little darling who is now 4 months old. We enjoyed handmade gnocchi for dinner and a gorgeous chocolate ice-cream dessert with hot berry compote yummmmmmm! As for this morning being Sunday we had another car boot sale and we had our most successful one to date which we are stoked about. I also managed to pick up two bodysuits for Cohen for winter, as well as a jumper and a pair of shoes for him all for $2. I also managed to pick up an old Tupperware butter saver and two floral tops for me for for a dollar each. I am really stoked with all the purchases, altogether I only spent $10, so that is really good going for a penny pincher like me.

For those who say they are shopaholics and need their fix and max out their credit card trying to get that high, well I had mine today and $10 is all it took and look at all that I got!

Now that's my kind of fix.

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