Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lovers of old books and stationery

Caroline I know you will be reading this, this post is for you and all others who love books and stationery. Last weekend Ben, Cohen and I had an outing to the Mount Tambourine Markets. We were meant to do a car boot sale last Sunday but it was post phoned I assume due to the recent bad weather. So instead we headed to the markets for the morning for a bit if mountain fresh air. It's been a while since we have been to the market and one of the new stall holders we came across was:

She is doing a beautiful job of turning old books into handmade pieces of breathtaking journals, notebooks and stationery. She does all the work herself in putting them together and binding them. Her talents and work is breathtaking it was so nice to see someone doing something different. She was such a sweet person to talk to and even gave me a set of bookplates for stopping by her stall and chatting with her and complimenting her on her handy work. I didn't even buy anything from her or any stall holder for that it was really nice to walk away with something from our lovely morning out. I thought the least I could do in return of her kindness was share her talents with you. She does custom orders as well and also sells some of her pieces on

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  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Princess T :-) xxx


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