Friday, March 12, 2010


I have been pondering many things lately and looking at some of the decisions that DH and I have made since having Cohen, and I guess some of the decisions we or I had also made before he arrived. It was always my intention when I had Cohen that I would use cloth nappies. In fact when I was pregnant with Elle and Meg, that is what my intention was to be even then. But alas we all know I didn't get to fulfill that journey with the girls. The only thing I was aware of when falling pregnant for the first time about cloth nappies, was terry towelling nappies. I never knew there was a whole other world out there of things called Modern Cloth Nappies. Even when Cohen was born I was still very unaware and only had several dozen terry towelling nappies.

When Cohen was born I thought I was fairly organised with terry nappies all washed and folded and lined ready to go. It was when I got home and realised that all the folds I tried on Cohen all looked way too bulky and I started to lose my nerve. Not to mention I was recovering from a c-section, breastfeeding and still what I realise now as grieving over Elle & Meg to add to the mix. I did go in search of another options and I only got as far as finding a women on eBay who sold pre-fit terry nappies. I did purchase some off hers and with those and some terry flats and disposables we were doing a combo of all of these.

It was when Noelle started to mention and speak with me more about investigating Modern Cloth Nappies that I started looking into it further. Oh my god there is a whole other world out there of these ingenious nappies that go on with as much ease as disposable nappies. I knew that with my initial determination to have Cohen in cloth full time at some point that I had found the answer for me, and there brings us to where we are now. Cohen was in part time cloth since he was born and has now been in full time cloth since he was about 5 months old. I have not looked back on the decision for him to be in cloth it is one of the best decisions I have made.

It feels so right, it's not hard as others will have you believe. Rather then it being hard I find it calming that we are clothing his butt in softy goodness rather then plastic. DH and I both find it relaxing sitting down in the evening making sure all Cohen's nappies are put together and ready to go. We both feel so much better about what we are doing for the environment.......just think of it that every disposable nappy ever made is still in existence today, it's sitting there in landfill and hasn't broken down. I find that latter thought so impossibly disgusting that, that alone will ensure that plastic will never go near Cohen's rear or any other babies rear of mine in the future. Aside from the fact that Cohen not being in disposables means I don't have to put up with irritations from all the nasties that are in disposable nappies......and the same goes for wipes, yuck, yuck they are just as bad.

As many people will relate, when you have a baby and you end up as a one income household, finances are tight. It just occurred to me recently when looking at all our fluffy nappies that if we had not decided on cloth full time we couldn't afford disposables each week, we would be dead set broke. We would not be able to afford to be spending that sort of money each week on nappies and we would have to consider going without certain things. I can't speak enough about why I think cloth is the best, the way to go, the way I think everyone should go.

My wish for new mums who want to do cloth but get turned off my disposable users telling them it is a waste of time, is for them to understand it is only as hard as you make it out for yourself. It's like anything in life if you think something is going to be hard, it's going to hard. If you approach something with an open mind and some determination you will be just fine. Modern cloth nappies are just easy to change as a disposable (you can even ask my DH), yes you have wash them, you don't need to soak them as some nay sayers will have you believe. Don't complain to me about the washing, it really is no big deal since you will be washing every day or second day anyway. I guess at the end of the day people need to stop being ignorant about cloth and stop making comments about something they haven't tried or researched properly. So give it a go look into the world of modern cloth nappies, once you buy your first one and get that hit of it on your little ones butt and it's will be hooked, you will be addicted and you will never look back.

To new mums, cloth is great, cloth is easy, cloth is right, cloth is cute, cloth is environmentally right, cloth is squishy, cloth is cuddly, cloth is all that is good and pure......check it out for yourself.

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