Saturday, April 24, 2010

Birthday Boy

It has been a very special weekend here this weekend, Cohen's 1st birthday. It is amazing how quickly a year has gone by and all that has happened in that time. My gorgeous little man has given us more joy then I could ever have imagined. He is everything we dreamed for and more, he has bucket loads of spunk and pizazz and gives me a run for my money. Not a day goes by that I don't think how lucky we are that he chose us to be his parents. I have photos below of our celebrations over the last few days. Saturday his actual birthday we had a relatively easy going day and it was all about family and we had both sets of grandparents here for a few hours for morning tea. We then got to enjoy the rest of the day with our darling with a very quick spot of shopping and a long play in the park before coming home for dinner.

Sunday, Anzac Day we met with friends and their children at a park near to us and had a lovely afternoon catching up with some of those dear to us. Cohen got very spoilt for his first birthday....more so from everyone else rather then us I think. We only spent $15 on him buying 2 books and a mini plastic golf club set. Anyways I hope you enjoy some of the pics!

Happy Birthday my darling boy.....I love you baby!

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  1. Wow hun the photo's are amazing!!! Thanks for making me a blubbering mess. (as usual!) It looks like you guys had an amazing time and I wish we were there to share it with the 3 of you. Just know that we were there in heart and spirit. He just looks soooo happy in the photo's and so do you!!!
    (And the is a very snazy outfit he is wearing! hehe)
    I love you so much Trudie and I miss you like no words can explain. Take care my dear of you and Ben and Cohen. And please send my love to your boys too!
    Forever your dragonfly sister...


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