Sunday, April 18, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

I have been a busy chook lately and I've been struggling to get time to blog. Our lap top having some sort of malfunction hasn't helped and it's not as convenient to bring a home computer to bed whilst DH reads so I can do some blogging. If I stay up and sit in the office to blog and do other bits and pieces I will never get to bed. Oh and time in bed is rather required lately as we are having another run of Cohen waking at the most painful times during the wee dark hours. So it's best at the moment if I force myself to bed at a reasonable hour.

Another reason for the lack of posts recently is that I have been busy working on some mystery plans that I will be sharing with you all and others soon enough. So keep watching this space for news as you just might have another blog to be following soon. But sshhhh that's all I am going to say for now.

So in between all that there is just normal life and living, and running after a little tacker who turns one next week. There will definitely be post next week, time willing to show off the birthday boy. He is amazing me every day at the moment with what he can do and how much he is learning. He has recently mastered saying "ta"'s so cute. At the moment I can definitely confirm he can say dad, daddy, ta. As for the list of words I "think" he might also be saying but I need a proper audible confirmation on are mum, doggie and woof. I am pretty certain he is saying dog or doggie, but as for mum I'm not so sure about that. I having a feeling a will still be waiting awhile before I hear mum, mum, mum!

Well I best round this post up, I just wanted to drop in and say hello and hopefully in the next week or so things will have settled down and I can see myself clear of posting other updates and news I have been wanting to share.

Fingers crossed next post I hope to have a major booby update for you all to read.

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