Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cheap Scores

It has been the first time in several months that on this particular weekend of the month we haven't been at the car boot sale, to sell our wares. In all honesty we just weren't prepared this time around, at least not as prepared as we normally would like to be. So we decided to give this month a break and we will probably look at doing one in May, after we have Cohen's first birthday behind us this month.

So instead of going to the car boot to sell our stuff, we went to have a proper look around together. Which is something we never get to do properly when we are there selling stuff. Anyways today I was on the look out for various things, of the things that were on my actual mental list I got one thing. However I got two other things that weren't on my mental list. I was really hoping to find some more clothes for Cohen, but it seemed to be the day for girls clothing rather then boys so much. So alas no clothes for Cohen were purchased. Although I did get him these pair of sandals for $1 (shoes were on my I was happy with this score).

Wandering around we came by my next score and I nearly didn't bother with them because I was carrying Cohen and he was in one of those moods where he didn't want to be put down. What I am talking about are these gorgeous peep toe flats flashing a bit of my fav colour green. I had to ask Ben to climb over the other wears the women was selling and throw them down in front of me, so I could flick off the shoes I was wearing to try them on. Perfect fit, exactly my size $2, can you believe and on further inspection these flats have seen very little wear, so I will have them around for a while.

Finally my last score of the morning, a brand new top with tags still on it for.....are you ready.........50 cents, yes 50 cents. I have been pretty cheeky with finds before in my op shopping endeavours, but never have I managed a brand new top for myself for 50 cents.

So there you go $3.50 and my shopping is done, I am very seriously thinking about putting Cohen and myself on a challenge for 12 months to see if I can cloth us only in second hand scores. Of course underwear and that sort of thing wouldn't be included for obvious reasons. Anyways I best give the challenge more thought, I see other bloggers setting themselves challenges like this all the time. But is it something I could go the distance on????? I don't know, I will think about it!

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