Monday, April 5, 2010


We have had a busy Easter break! Hold on why do I call it a break, I don't work anymore I'm a stay at home mum. Wait up a minute what did I just say.....I do work I'm a stay at home mum that job is 24/7 it doesn't stop. Ben has had four days off, so he has had a break from his everyday work. So really our Easter break has been about family time and friends.

Good Friday we visited Nikki and Brett and had a lovely morning tea. The boys played pool and Nikki and I spoke about various things and ideas we are plotting and planning. Friday seems so far away now that I can't remember what we did with the remainder of the afternoon. Saturday we had a wonderful, wonderful morning visiting my Nan and Pop. Ben took my Nan to the shops the do some grocery shopping and I stayed back with Pop and Cohen. Pop and I took Cohen down to the yard for a walk around the garden. It was so nice to see Cohen wandering off investigating things and then grabbing Poppy's leg wanting to be picked up. Pop gave in each time and was thrilled with all the cuddles and smiles from my little man. It was such a sweet thing to see, especially since Poppy has been unwell for the last week and I have been worried. But our visit on Saturday reassured me that he is fine and that perhaps Nan has made some things sound worse with Pop then they were.

Sunday morning we enjoyed some time in the morning until lunch catching up with Katherine and Aneesh. We all met up at the Broadwater near Charis Seafood. Cohen enjoyed playing in the sand and trying to eat some of it as well. He also had a splash around in the lagoon which was met with squeals of delight as the water lapped at his belly when he first entered in. We enjoyed some fish chips for lunch with Katherine and Aneesh and bid them a farewell not long after as Cohen hadn't had a morning sleep. As anyone who has kids will tell you 5 mins in the car and Cohen was fast asleep. So instead of heading home and then having to get him out of the car 10mins later we decided to drive around until he woke up. We spent the afternoon at home trying to get as much of needed housework done as it's been neglected all weekend. Cohen ended up crashing out on the lounge room floor at 5pm after a breastfeed......poor darling was exhausted by this weekends efforts. He finally stirred about an hour or so later and we transferred him to bed after a top up feed.

Finally today Easter Monday, Ben went off to play a round of golf at Canungra and Cohen and I went over to Caroline's for a catch up and morning tea. We took over some yummy muffins that Ben and I made the night before, Chocolate Choc Chip Muffins. Hmmmmm muffins these yummy muffins had an extra sweet delight though, before baking we poked in a solid Red Tulip Easter egg in to each one. So we all had wonderful time catching up especially since I haven't seen Caroline since our trip to Canberra together. Cohen and I came home for lunch and rested and played with a visit in between from the IL's until Ben/Daddy came home from golf. Today has ended with Ben and I polishing off yummy leftovers from our fabulous pasta sauce the night before and us retiring to bed in front of a DVD favourite of ours Crackerjack.

In all it has been a long and tiring Easter, but we have had a wonderful time catching up with some of those who a dear to us. We are truly fortunate to have the people we do in our lives. I often wonder how we got so lucky in those stakes.....

Cohen having a splash

Out to it.....and see off to the side just some of the laundry that needs to be sorted. Oh well at least we had a nice weekend, the laundry and the housework will be there for another day.

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