Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My first meeting

This morning Cohen and I attended our first ABA meeting, and I am so glad we did. All the mumma's there seemed so lovely and warm, everyone seemed so easy to stroll up to and strike up a conversation with. One mum in particular I mentioned to her that I had recognised her from somewhere. We talked about that on and off throughout the morning and realised that we went the same high school for a period of time and also had jobs working for Red Rooster as teenagers. She actually worked at the store I ended working at, so somehow, somewhere along the lines we have crossed paths. Anyways it was a lovely morning and I will go back next month apparently I can have 2 free meeting before registering, so I will make the most of that.

When we got home from the meeting I had mail from Griffith University, regarding the Prime Study I am involved in. Prime stands for: Promoting Resilience in Mothers' Emotions. The purpose of he study is to see if more earlier midwife counselling and intervention would assist mothers in reducing stresses and anxieties after giving birth, regardless of the birth being good, bad or otherwise. I was asked to take part in this study when Karen (Earth Angel) approached me when I was about halfway through my pregnancy with Cohen. I have found being part of the study has helped immensely with dealing with a lot of the grief that was still lingering after Cohen's birth. So as it is a received the final questionnaire that I must complete and send back now that Cohen is coming up to his first birthday. I am hoping that having taken part in this study that it will assist other mothers in the future, because I know how it has helped me.

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  1. This sounds like a very worthwhile project - it makes me feel good there are things like this out there


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