Thursday, April 1, 2010

Night out

Last Saturday night was the second time since Cohen was born that Ben and I had a night out. We attended a 30th birthday celebration for a friend of ours and she wanted everyone to dress in cocktail. Like always we were the only ones to take it seriously and properly dress up. I was fortunate enough to have my darling hairdresser come to home and spruce me up with a new style after a morning of my volunteer work. I must say that a new do can do wonders and a chance to dress up. It ended up being the first time in the longest time I can say I really felt good about myself in regards to my appearance. Being a stay at home mum doesn't give you much of a chance a lot of days to get out of more then the clothes you woke up in. Some days I am lucky to have a shower, brush my teeth or hair. So to have a night where we got to dress up and feel like a bit of hot stuff like I used to was great.


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