Monday, April 19, 2010

We're finally there

I logged into my blog this morning and saw my ticker say that Cohen and I have been on our re lactation journey for 3 months and 3 days. Wow I thought that has gone by quickly and look at where we are now! Well here I am with a major booby update just in the last 3 days it looks like we have been able to drop the last bit of the formula Cohen was getting. So I think I can fairly confidently say that we are now 100% re lactated. I am so proud of both Cohen and I efforts and as I mentioned on a Nappycino post this morning we have been through so many obstacles to get to this point. We have been through miscarriage, sickness, colds, breast pumps breaking down, me going away to Canberra and teething (ouch). All these obstacles at different times have been challenging and at times very draining on me. But you know what? Not once has giving up even entered into my mind. I am so glad that I listened to my darling little boy and I picked up on his cues of what he needed from his mumma and I have given it to him. As for him what a clever little man, to ride this journey with.......what a blessing and joy you are to not only me but your daddy.

We have also done some rearranging of Cohen's night routine and as a result the knock on effect has been that nap times have become less of a fight. I have started to get some much needed down time, as I was getting to a frazzle point in the last few weeks. I realise now that the testing times in the last few weeks was probably Cohen's way of trying to communicate the next leap in the re lactation journey. Obviously Cohen is still a major mummy's boy but I have been getting lots of help and advice. One of the wonderful Nappycino mumma's has lent me an Ergo carry to try out so hopefully our longer outings like groceries will be easier if he can be closer to me. So if the loaner of the Ergo keeps on working out, I will be on the look out for a good second hand one at a cheap let me know if you know of any, as I have to return the loaner one in a few weeks.

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