Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to Me and DH. Yesterday DH and I celebrated 11 years of marriage and the day beforehand we celebrated 15 years of togetherness. We had such a wonderful day yesterday which was so nice for us after all that we have been going through again together. I wasn't expecting anything from Ben yesterday just due to cash flow at the moment. I had thought at best we were going to go to the movies and use a gift card if we could get a sitter; if the day went well. Well this is how my day went instead, Ben rolled over in the early hours of the morning and said Happy Anniversary to me and we cuddled and dozed until Cohen let us know it was time to get up. We got up and started our morning routine with Cohen, and after Cohen enjoyed a piece of toast while we had a cuppa and a chat I decided to give Cohen his cereal. Standing in the kitchen getting Cohen's bowl and cereal ready I looked into the cereal box and temporarily freaked out when I saw something that shouldn't be in there. I then realised it was a small box so I pulled it out, it was a small jewelery box. Straight away I knew Ben had been up to something and I started crying before I even opened the box to find what was inside. I guess the fact that he had found some way to do something through all that has been going lately and our finances I was touched. I opened the box and just broke down in happy tears: A PAIR OF PEARL EARRINGS.......YAY they have been on my wish list for the longest time, I am so lucky. I also got a beautiful card declaring 11 years down 89 to go!!!! I quizzed Ben about how he afforded to do this for me and he declared months ago without my knowing he sold off one of his golf clubs so he could get something for me.....awwwww!!! He says that he has had the earrings sitting in his work van for months, god he is a clever hubby.

The rest of our day was spent doing several things including time with friends and just having a wonderful day with Cohen. I even scored some down time to go through the massive six tonnes at the Mega Lifeline Sale at galore I tell you! We were ever so lucky that with Cohen having a happy and settled day that we did finally and happily bite the bullet and were able to go out for a wonderful dinner. Many thanks to Kristian for watching over Cohen I know it was all last minute and we were more on the verge of not bothering with going out. But we are so glad we did we had a wonderful evening having the most gorgeous authentic Thai dinner. We laughed, smiled and chatted the night away, it was so nice and relaxing and refreshing.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Playtime with Co

Just a couple of pics of Cohen's playtime yesterday first pic is self-explanatory. Cohen is loving textures in his hands for example when he has done eating his food squeezing food in his hands and watching in come out his fingers and spread it around is more fun. Hence why I am channeling that into an activity like this:

Now with this second pic.....what do you do with your junk mail, tear it up and throw it in the shell and kept him amused for ages:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Do rainbows make you smile?

Rainbows always make me smile, especially woolie ones. I have been meaning to post pics for a few weeks but in light of everything that has been happening for us I just haven't got around to it. Anyways I thought now was as good a time as any to share some pics of Cohen because he makes me smile and so do rainbows. I mentioned in a post recently that a special packaged arrived on our doorstep from a gorgeous Nappycino mumma. For those of you who aren't cloth nappy users (or nappying days have passed) I will explain, they are woolen longies they are to go over cloth nappies, flats or MCN's that need a cover. The wool has been lanolised to aid in waterproofing and stop wetness wicking out onto other clothing, bed etc. My sweet darling boy now has some styling woolies to keep us dry and to keep him warm in these cooler months. Thanks again to the wonderfully talented Kez for your knitting genius, time and effort that went into making these. As you can see you have brightened things up here with rainbows and smiles.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Angel Day

A friend sent me an email today and in that email were these words:

An angel wrote in the book of life, my babies dates of birth.
Then whispered as she closed the book, too beautiful for Earth.

Today is 2 years to the day that my sweet Elle & Meg become angels. I have handled today better then I expected in light of everything else that is whirling around for us at the moment. I think because I have spent the better part of the last 5 or so days in such an emotional state I just don't have the energy for more tears and disruption now. It has been a hard enough time having everything that has been happening going on, the girls angel day today and having the energy in light of everything else to run after a 1 year old who is into everything without exception or break.

So in light of all that Cohen and I had probably the best day today we have been able to manage in the last week. Cohen has been in an especially giggly, smiley, cuddly mood today so I got even more special time with him today which has been really nice given the significance of today for me.

Before I sign off on this post I just want to say thanks to those who touched base with me today knowing the significance of today and how special it is to me but at the same time a very trying time. Thank you for acknowledging us and all our children on such a day. Love to you all!

Monday, May 24, 2010


The major purpose of this blog wouldn't be doing it's job if I wasn't sharing the good, the bad, the ugly along this journey to bliss. Sadly this post is not for sharing the good as I need to share some further agonising heartache with you. In recent weeks Ben and I found out we were expecting another baby and were excited but keep things but keeping it all very hush, hush. After having our second miscarriage in January and waiting the advised time we have been excited at the prospect of our family expanding. I finally got confirmation of my quantitative HCG levels last week as I haven't been tracking cycles so was therefore unsure to how far along I could be. My doc called me last Wednesday afternoon to advise results were back and all was good but I wasn't as far along as I had thought I might be, but said she wasn't worried by the results if I hadn't been tracking cycles. She suggested that I could do blood tests every 3 days to check on HCG levels to make sure they were going up. Knowing my history and knowing that Elle & Meg's second angel day coming up I took the doc up on the offer for the extra emotional assurance until I could get a dating scan done. I went up the road Wednesday afternoon and collected the blood work requests. However late Wednesday night my worst fears started to present themselves, I went to the toilet and noticed the ever so small and slightest bit of pink discharge. Come the early hours of Thursday morning that slight discharge turned into what looked like what I would expect at the start of my period. That then turned throughout the day to heavy bleeding with clots. I am sorry for those reading this if it's too much information, but I am not going to censor what happened or how I am feeling.

So as you can imagine I have had the better part of the last 4 odd days going between being a completely functioning person to being a complete and utter sobbing mess of a women. To put it bluntly our weekend was crap, just waiting out this whole heart wrenching game. Finally and with great sadness today I saw my doc and my repeat HCG levels have been returned and it is without doubt that we have lost another precious angel. It's another hard blow for us 4 babies in 2 years, it's not fair by any standard.

Furthermore I am sorry to those who are reading this who care for us and love us especially if you are learning of our most recent tragedy through this post. Please understand I am beyond announcing pregnancies just to announce sadness to follow. You may ask why the hell I would post about this then given that is my thought process......well my blog in many aspects is about helping others through loss and tragedy and I wouldn't be doing that job properly if I wasn't being honest about everything warts and all.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Creations

This afternoon we attended Jack's 2nd birthday party and had a lovely afternoon catching up with Rach and her family and friends. I can now post a pic of what I have been working on for Jack's birthday present. I'm glad I didn't post it any sooner as Rach would have seen it and I would have missed out on the enjoyment of seeing Rach's reaction when she saw what I had done for Jack. Thanks Rach you made my day, oh and thanks for trying tout custom're a sweet and funny little chickadee.

The pic doesn't do as much justice as looking at it in person, it looks a lot better in person and more vibrant. Anyways I designed it so that Jack has a place to showcase his day care artistic masterpieces etc.

In other creative and artistic news I have also been working on some ideas and pieces (with DH help) for my blog shop. We are rather excited about the results, so once again stay tuned hopefully soon I will be sharing more then just these words with you.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Good Day

I've had a really awesome day today. Cohen and I visited Noelle and got to spend some time just hanging out with her, Jimmy and Elizabeth. We got to eat yummy food and watch our cute little men play. Cohen in his 1 year old inquisitive form was into everything as he normally is. When I was putting Cohen into his car seat this morning to head off to Noelle's, Cohen finally and audibly said that one word I have been waiting to hear: MUMMA. I was so excited and said to him "did you just say mumma". He smiled broadly knowing very well I believe, what he had just done. He has continued throughout the later stages of today to say's such a cool thing. How could something like that not make your day? Finally when we arrived home this afternoon I could see that a parcel had been left at our front door by Australia Post. I knew exactly what it would be and was busting with excitement to get it inside and rip it open. Inside that wonderful little package was fluffy, woolly, rainbow goodness. A very lovely and sweet Nappycino mumma knitted Cohen some gorgeous longies. I was hoping that I was going to be able to manage a cute pic of him in his rainbowness before bed, but after the long day we have had the last thing he was lining up for this evening was happy snaps......hopefully in the morning and then I will post a pic, as they are just to cool not share with everyone.

So there you go all round a really nice day and it's now Friday so we have the weekend as a family to enjoy. I have a bit on the agenda for the weekend, the first thing is to head off to a local op shop for their mega monster sale starting at 7am tomorrow morning.....I'm very excited. At some point tomorrow I need to finish off gorgeous little Jack's 2nd birthday gift (I am looking forward to posting pics once it's done and has been received, otherwise his mumma is going to see ahead of time what I have done for him). There are a few other things on the agenda for the weekend but at this stage we will just see how things pan out. But if today is anything to go by the weekend is off to a great start!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh hurry up

If the events in our family life in the past 2 years has taught me anything it is not to wish time away. For the main part I live my life for the now and not put too much thought into what is beyond that. This thought process works just fine for our plans on extended our family and the like. But I must be honest it is not the thought process that works for my creative desires and plans. As I have mentioned in a post a month or so ago now, I have been working on some plans. I hinted at the idea that there may be another blog for you to be following soon. At the moment I am finding myself so desperately waiting for a few other things to fall into place in the next month or two and to be able to introduce you to a passion of mine turned into a blog shop. I am really excited about my plans and hope that those who have a love for the vintage, the sweet, and the different will follow my attempts to make more of something that has been a passion of mine for a long time.

I wish I could give you more information regarding names etc, but obviously that is one of the crucial elements I have to get settled in the next month or so. So for now please stayed tune as time creeps closer and as soon as I can I will be sharing exciting news with you.

Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day and it was a nice day, not too much happened but was it pretty much another day on the weekend for us. When we heard Cohen waking up through the monitor DH rolled over and gave me a kiss and said Happy Mother's Day. After Cohen got up he and I laid in bed having our snuggles and morning feed then we got up for our normal morning routine. I had wondered why I hadn't been given a card, but when I had to take Cohen in his room for a nappy change later in the morning DH had my card sitting on the change table. DH had written in it in messy writing, trying to imply that Cohen had written it himself. It had a message in it saying "I don't have to words to say how much you do for me, love you." Awwwww!!!! I also received a mandarin tree to add to our collection of fruit and vege we are trying to get to take off and be more self-sufficient. After Cohen had his morning nap we headed out to stroll around the car boot sale and then off to the MIL a bit of Mother's Day time with her. I am happy to report that she liked her Mother's Day gift which were the stitch markers I made her added with some rosewood knitting needles and a knitting/crochet pattern book.

So that was pretty much it for my Mother's Day no other major highlights, with the exception of cuddles and smiles from my sweet boy.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Crafty time

I haven't had much time to do anything creative or artistic in ages with so much going on and more that I am working on. However with Mother's Day approaching and us pinching pennies I thought I would make some time to get creative about something towards my MIL Mother's Day gift. My MIL likes to knit but maybe once or twice a year she will do something. So I was thinking now that she is a grandmother she will probably do a little more knitting from time to time. She is often saying that if there is something I want her to knit she will do it for me. Anyways I thought I would encourage her interest in knitting a little more now and especially now that it's coming into winter it's a nice, quiet and cozy activity for indoors in front of the telly.

So yesterday whilst Cohen was down for a nap I got busy making her some stitch markers. They are simple but nonetheless effective, I have even checked with some of the wonderfully creative knitting mummas on Nappycino and they have given me the thumbs up with my stitch markers. Some of those mummas are also trying to lure me over the dark side so to speak to the world of knitting. Although it is a craft I want to learn properly I think it will have to go on the back burner for a few months, until I clear a few other things off my plate I am working on.

Anyways it was nice to sit down yesterday for a short period to do this little project and be a little crafty and creative. I hope my MIL likes them, as we have also bought her some lovely rosewood knitting needles and pattern book.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Pottering around

It has been a long weekend for us here in Queensland, for Labour Day. We have spent a large portion of the weekend pottering around and getting odd jobs done. This afternoon we got out on the side of the house where we have had a few pots growing with herbs and vegetables. To be honest when I say a few we have managed fruit off our tomato tree which you may remember from a previous post. It has continued to give us tomatoes since then. However I have been fighting a battle with the bugs, but I will not lose my resolve and will keep trying to fight the fight as naturally as possible. We have also been successfully growing basil, which has given us the enjoyment of a yummy fresh basil pesto meal on several occasions now......the basil is still going strong!

So boosted by our success over recent months, yesterday afternoon we got out there, down the side of the house and did some reorganising and I am rather excited about our efforts. We now have some Bambino Broccoli planted, Baby Capsicum and broad beans planted. Now I must point out due to the size of the property we have our "vegie patch" is and will be all done in pots. I have done reading on line and these days it would seem as though you can grow almost anything well in pots if you make the right selections.

This now seems like a rather pointless post and I was going to share a pic of how well organised it all looks out there but it is pouring down with rain and I don't fancy standing out there in it again today. Well I guess by posting about it, it kind of keeps us accountable to keep it all on track and not let it all die!

Fingers crossed, hopefully soon I will be able to post pics of everything flourishing.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Getting something off my chest...

Funny I choose the words "getting something off my chest" for this post. Because in a manner of speaking we are going to be speaking about my chest. However to be serious I have some things I just need to put out there and get off my chest about my journey as a parent, through re lactation and breastfeeding in general.

Firstly I'd like to state the choices I make in raising my son and how I go about it, is my business. Not for some wack job whether I know you or not to berate me about my choices. I have had several incidents in the last few months where certain people have found it necessary to give me a hard time. It's of no surprise how little support breastfeeding mothers get in society, when there are idiots out there with ridiculous attitudes.

I am of the opinion if you don't know what you're talking about, shut your mouth. So for those who have chosen to give me a hard time, if you haven't breastfeed. Better yet re lactated and put months, months of work in to give your child natural goodness......keep your bleeping opinions to yourself as you have NO and I repeat NO idea what you are talking about. Your opinions of what age I should have my son weaned is none of your concern and if I choose and he is willing to fed through another pregnancy and beyond, that's my business. I don't want to hear your disgusting attitudes that what I am doing to disgusting and damaging to my child. Don't tell me how you find it offensive because honestly blurting out your uneducated opinions is offensive to me.

So there I have said it and I must say that my breastfeeding isn't the only thing that has copped a beating at the moment, it's the fact that we chose to have our son in cloth nappies full time. So furthermore to that point, stop doubting our resolve and hear this load in clear. Our son will not have a disposable anything near his rear end not now, not anytime in the future and yes we will be doing cloth with all our subsequent children from the first one in hospital.

I guess what I am trying to put out there and say is that you may not agree with my choices in raising my son, but it's not your job to blurt your foulness over the place. I don't go around telling you how I think it's disgusting the choices you are making with your children. So show mothers and families like mine some respect for giving the natural way of parenting and raising our children a go.

Ok so it's off my chest now, and just to point out this post is clearly not directed at any of my lovely followers. But thanks anyways for letting me vent and continuing to follow my journey.
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