Sunday, May 2, 2010

Getting something off my chest...

Funny I choose the words "getting something off my chest" for this post. Because in a manner of speaking we are going to be speaking about my chest. However to be serious I have some things I just need to put out there and get off my chest about my journey as a parent, through re lactation and breastfeeding in general.

Firstly I'd like to state the choices I make in raising my son and how I go about it, is my business. Not for some wack job whether I know you or not to berate me about my choices. I have had several incidents in the last few months where certain people have found it necessary to give me a hard time. It's of no surprise how little support breastfeeding mothers get in society, when there are idiots out there with ridiculous attitudes.

I am of the opinion if you don't know what you're talking about, shut your mouth. So for those who have chosen to give me a hard time, if you haven't breastfeed. Better yet re lactated and put months, months of work in to give your child natural goodness......keep your bleeping opinions to yourself as you have NO and I repeat NO idea what you are talking about. Your opinions of what age I should have my son weaned is none of your concern and if I choose and he is willing to fed through another pregnancy and beyond, that's my business. I don't want to hear your disgusting attitudes that what I am doing to disgusting and damaging to my child. Don't tell me how you find it offensive because honestly blurting out your uneducated opinions is offensive to me.

So there I have said it and I must say that my breastfeeding isn't the only thing that has copped a beating at the moment, it's the fact that we chose to have our son in cloth nappies full time. So furthermore to that point, stop doubting our resolve and hear this load in clear. Our son will not have a disposable anything near his rear end not now, not anytime in the future and yes we will be doing cloth with all our subsequent children from the first one in hospital.

I guess what I am trying to put out there and say is that you may not agree with my choices in raising my son, but it's not your job to blurt your foulness over the place. I don't go around telling you how I think it's disgusting the choices you are making with your children. So show mothers and families like mine some respect for giving the natural way of parenting and raising our children a go.

Ok so it's off my chest now, and just to point out this post is clearly not directed at any of my lovely followers. But thanks anyways for letting me vent and continuing to follow my journey.


  1. Big hugs to you for standing up to the ignorant. xxxxxx You are doing a wonderful jobxo

  2. Wow Trudes...I didn't realise that people were being so stupid!!! Keep it up, you are wonderful, Co is wonderful.....and you're his Mum, not anyone else!!!!! xxx


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