Friday, May 14, 2010

Good Day

I've had a really awesome day today. Cohen and I visited Noelle and got to spend some time just hanging out with her, Jimmy and Elizabeth. We got to eat yummy food and watch our cute little men play. Cohen in his 1 year old inquisitive form was into everything as he normally is. When I was putting Cohen into his car seat this morning to head off to Noelle's, Cohen finally and audibly said that one word I have been waiting to hear: MUMMA. I was so excited and said to him "did you just say mumma". He smiled broadly knowing very well I believe, what he had just done. He has continued throughout the later stages of today to say's such a cool thing. How could something like that not make your day? Finally when we arrived home this afternoon I could see that a parcel had been left at our front door by Australia Post. I knew exactly what it would be and was busting with excitement to get it inside and rip it open. Inside that wonderful little package was fluffy, woolly, rainbow goodness. A very lovely and sweet Nappycino mumma knitted Cohen some gorgeous longies. I was hoping that I was going to be able to manage a cute pic of him in his rainbowness before bed, but after the long day we have had the last thing he was lining up for this evening was happy snaps......hopefully in the morning and then I will post a pic, as they are just to cool not share with everyone.

So there you go all round a really nice day and it's now Friday so we have the weekend as a family to enjoy. I have a bit on the agenda for the weekend, the first thing is to head off to a local op shop for their mega monster sale starting at 7am tomorrow morning.....I'm very excited. At some point tomorrow I need to finish off gorgeous little Jack's 2nd birthday gift (I am looking forward to posting pics once it's done and has been received, otherwise his mumma is going to see ahead of time what I have done for him). There are a few other things on the agenda for the weekend but at this stage we will just see how things pan out. But if today is anything to go by the weekend is off to a great start!

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