Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to Me and DH. Yesterday DH and I celebrated 11 years of marriage and the day beforehand we celebrated 15 years of togetherness. We had such a wonderful day yesterday which was so nice for us after all that we have been going through again together. I wasn't expecting anything from Ben yesterday just due to cash flow at the moment. I had thought at best we were going to go to the movies and use a gift card if we could get a sitter; if the day went well. Well this is how my day went instead, Ben rolled over in the early hours of the morning and said Happy Anniversary to me and we cuddled and dozed until Cohen let us know it was time to get up. We got up and started our morning routine with Cohen, and after Cohen enjoyed a piece of toast while we had a cuppa and a chat I decided to give Cohen his cereal. Standing in the kitchen getting Cohen's bowl and cereal ready I looked into the cereal box and temporarily freaked out when I saw something that shouldn't be in there. I then realised it was a small box so I pulled it out, it was a small jewelery box. Straight away I knew Ben had been up to something and I started crying before I even opened the box to find what was inside. I guess the fact that he had found some way to do something through all that has been going lately and our finances I was touched. I opened the box and just broke down in happy tears: A PAIR OF PEARL EARRINGS.......YAY they have been on my wish list for the longest time, I am so lucky. I also got a beautiful card declaring 11 years down 89 to go!!!! I quizzed Ben about how he afforded to do this for me and he declared months ago without my knowing he sold off one of his golf clubs so he could get something for me.....awwwww!!! He says that he has had the earrings sitting in his work van for months, god he is a clever hubby.

The rest of our day was spent doing several things including time with friends and just having a wonderful day with Cohen. I even scored some down time to go through the massive six tonnes at the Mega Lifeline Sale at galore I tell you! We were ever so lucky that with Cohen having a happy and settled day that we did finally and happily bite the bullet and were able to go out for a wonderful dinner. Many thanks to Kristian for watching over Cohen I know it was all last minute and we were more on the verge of not bothering with going out. But we are so glad we did we had a wonderful evening having the most gorgeous authentic Thai dinner. We laughed, smiled and chatted the night away, it was so nice and relaxing and refreshing.

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  1. i love that photo - you look so gorgeous and so happy :) glad you had a great day x


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