Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Creations

This afternoon we attended Jack's 2nd birthday party and had a lovely afternoon catching up with Rach and her family and friends. I can now post a pic of what I have been working on for Jack's birthday present. I'm glad I didn't post it any sooner as Rach would have seen it and I would have missed out on the enjoyment of seeing Rach's reaction when she saw what I had done for Jack. Thanks Rach you made my day, oh and thanks for trying tout custom're a sweet and funny little chickadee.

The pic doesn't do as much justice as looking at it in person, it looks a lot better in person and more vibrant. Anyways I designed it so that Jack has a place to showcase his day care artistic masterpieces etc.

In other creative and artistic news I have also been working on some ideas and pieces (with DH help) for my blog shop. We are rather excited about the results, so once again stay tuned hopefully soon I will be sharing more then just these words with you.

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  1. i'm still so impressed with your efforts - i LOVE it :)


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