Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day and it was a nice day, not too much happened but was it pretty much another day on the weekend for us. When we heard Cohen waking up through the monitor DH rolled over and gave me a kiss and said Happy Mother's Day. After Cohen got up he and I laid in bed having our snuggles and morning feed then we got up for our normal morning routine. I had wondered why I hadn't been given a card, but when I had to take Cohen in his room for a nappy change later in the morning DH had my card sitting on the change table. DH had written in it in messy writing, trying to imply that Cohen had written it himself. It had a message in it saying "I don't have to words to say how much you do for me, love you." Awwwww!!!! I also received a mandarin tree to add to our collection of fruit and vege we are trying to get to take off and be more self-sufficient. After Cohen had his morning nap we headed out to stroll around the car boot sale and then off to the MIL a bit of Mother's Day time with her. I am happy to report that she liked her Mother's Day gift which were the stitch markers I made her added with some rosewood knitting needles and a knitting/crochet pattern book.

So that was pretty much it for my Mother's Day no other major highlights, with the exception of cuddles and smiles from my sweet boy.

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