Monday, May 3, 2010

Pottering around

It has been a long weekend for us here in Queensland, for Labour Day. We have spent a large portion of the weekend pottering around and getting odd jobs done. This afternoon we got out on the side of the house where we have had a few pots growing with herbs and vegetables. To be honest when I say a few we have managed fruit off our tomato tree which you may remember from a previous post. It has continued to give us tomatoes since then. However I have been fighting a battle with the bugs, but I will not lose my resolve and will keep trying to fight the fight as naturally as possible. We have also been successfully growing basil, which has given us the enjoyment of a yummy fresh basil pesto meal on several occasions now......the basil is still going strong!

So boosted by our success over recent months, yesterday afternoon we got out there, down the side of the house and did some reorganising and I am rather excited about our efforts. We now have some Bambino Broccoli planted, Baby Capsicum and broad beans planted. Now I must point out due to the size of the property we have our "vegie patch" is and will be all done in pots. I have done reading on line and these days it would seem as though you can grow almost anything well in pots if you make the right selections.

This now seems like a rather pointless post and I was going to share a pic of how well organised it all looks out there but it is pouring down with rain and I don't fancy standing out there in it again today. Well I guess by posting about it, it kind of keeps us accountable to keep it all on track and not let it all die!

Fingers crossed, hopefully soon I will be able to post pics of everything flourishing.

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