Thursday, June 24, 2010

Boobs are friends...

Yes I know a weird title for this blog post. But it has dawned on me in the last week or so that I think Cohen's relationship with my boobs so to speak is changing. Of course they are still a source of comfort, food and goodness. However I think he may either be seeing my boobs as his friends or play things. To be honest it's rather funny really. He gets rather giggly and excited for booby times sometimes. But what is really funny is when he starts giving my boobs soft little head butts and giggling. He even does the same thing and pretends to give them little kisses (or at least what I call little kisses) whilst smiling and giggling before hoping on for a feed. He doesn't behave like this all the time, but it is rather funny and sweet to watch this part of our breastfeeding relationship change as he gets older and more of his character is showing. I think overall his behaviour is just showing me how comforting and special our breastfeeding relationship is to him. Cohen you are just so funny and sweet, I love being your Mummy!

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