Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Days

Happy days this week! Why you ask? Well on the weekend Ben buckled and let me in on a secret he was trying to keep until the working week started. He announced that he was having all of this week off. You have no idea how happy this news made me, I cried. You see we haven't had proper family time off together since Cohen was born. So it is especially nice to have Ben home and not have it be Christmas time or Easter and everyone else needing and wanting to see him or us. So he is all ours, I tell you and it's great. Today we had to run an errand which was dropping Ben's van off at the body shop, so Cohen and I had to follow him down in the car. After dropping off the van we headed down to Tweed Heads for a drive and some opping. I know a certain someone who follows my blog is going to have a chuckle "I told you, you needed to warn the op shops I was on my way!"

So yes this mumma went a little crazy again today sussing out some new haunts to check in on a regular basis. So today's haul come to about $20, check out this list and some of the pics:
* 6 pieces of old school Tupperware in super good condition
* 4 old school baby coat hangers and 2 everyday white padded white baby coat hangers
* Vintage/Retro square tablecloth
* A ever so sweet embroidered vintage baby bib
* 2 gorgeous embroidered pillowcases
* 2 1060's kids project/activity books in perfect condition
* A sweet little button up baby girls dress for a sweet little someone I know
* 1 old school wide bladed butter knife....Ben is very excited about and declared today's trip out was worth it just for that.....knife was 20cents he he he!
* 1 Funky Butts AIO Purple MCN......$1

Now that's just a few pics, not the greatest of pics but I have saved what my knitting mumma friends might get a little excited over. Check out these pics from a Patons Knitting Pattern book I bought some of the woolies in this book are just so, so, so sweet. Yes, yes I know I still need to learn to knit....but perhaps others might like to have a flick through the book in the meantime.

So there you go just a few pics to show off today's finds. I am very much looking forward to tomorrow as Ben is going to watch over Cohen for me so I have some much, much, much needed mummy time. I think I feel a little cheeky so I might just take a drive out to sus out some other new opping haunts and then home after for some relaxing crafty time and some reading I think. Ahhhh it's so nice having my man home.


  1. You are the awesome-est op shopper ever!!!!!!

  2. OMG, i LOVE those little blue and white pants, too cute!

  3. Kez you and I have the same tastes hun.....those stripped pants have side closures....so cool!


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