Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm in awe

I'm completely and utterly in awe of my little man, he is growing and changing and learning so quickly that I am going to have a big mummy boast with this post. The last year has gone so quickly and I am already starting to worry the next year will be gone as quickly. Every day more and more of Cohen's character and personality is making it's mark and it is gorgeous and hilarious to watch. It amazes me how much he understands for being so young and how much he is already trying to say. Cohen has started to develop a strong interest in books and you can ask him to get one and he will bring it to you and sit down in your lap ready for you to read it. I can then ask him to put it back and whilst doing that I will tell him to get another one and he will bring another one over to me. He has the same comprehension with following direction about other things. For example we can tell him to close doors or drawers he has gotten into and go things out of. He will put items back after being directed to do so and then will close the door or drawer. I really don't know where along the line he has learnt to do this but it amazes me how switched on he is. On the talking front he is saying more then I ever thought he would be at 13 months. He chatters and yabbers all day long now and in between all that you can hear him saying dad, daddy, mum mum, sit which is aimed at the dogs with a pointed finger. But the cracker at the moment which has started this week is WOW and WHOA.......everything is WOW at the moment in fact Ben and I have just been saying it just to have Cohen repeat over and over again and we just giggle and laugh each time it is sooooo cute! Amongst many other things Cohen loves spending time with Lacey in the evening before bed sitting beside her patting her and talking telling her to sit over and over and over again. He loves climbing in out of his toy box and lining toys up on the lip of the lid up against the wall. In fact he just loves everything at the moment and loves getting into anything and everything he should and shouldn't. It's a fun and crazy time here but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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