Saturday, July 17, 2010

On a go slow....

Yes it would seem I am on a bit of a go slow at the moment regarding my blogging I have slackened up in the last few weeks, haven't I? Or at least I feel like I have! Anyways to be honest I have just been busy with Cohen and with myself, I have been sick, sick as a dog. By the way what the hell does it really mean when you say I feel as sick as a dog? Anyways I have been sick for weeks and have been totally, completely and utterly exhausted. I have had a throat that has gone from being a bit sore to feeling like something I can describe only as swallowing a dozen razor blades. On top of that I have just overall been feeling unwell. So all my online pursuits have been on a go slow and sadly I haven't been on top of listings and projects for My Vintage Vow. However I am endeavouring to get on top of that now that I am somewhat on the mend. Anyways there are plenty of little things I want to update you all on but I really don't have the time just now. I just wanted to pop in and say hi until I have my time and words together properly. I hope everyone is well, I'll be popping in again soon and hope to be back on track with my long as I am not resting to have myself on the mend. Happy Days and good health to all.

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