Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's been happening...

Loads of little things have been going on lately, Cohen as he always does is keeping me on my toes. He is such a energetic, independent and determined 17 month old always on the go to investigate things. His language skills are coming on he is picking up more and more words and throwing the odd 2 even 3 word sentence out (but it's a rare occasion). He is still going strong as my re lactated booby boy and has taken to role playing with his teddy and doll. He comes up to me with them nodding his head and pulling on my shirt and isn't happy until I pretend to breastfeed his teddy or doll. Funny thing happen tonight, he has this little Alvin the Chipmunk teddy that a friend gave him it's a but 3 inches at best in height. Well he comes at me with that this evening wanting me to breastfeed the damn thing. In between him taking the chipmunk away from my chest to have a suck himself he sits upright on the lounge beside me with his chipmunk. I watch him give it a couple of kisses a cuddle and then proceeds to pull up his top and pretend to breastfeed cute I thought.

Other then running after the little man I am busy baking number two, I am 18 weeks so will be off in the next week or so for my next scan. Will we be finding out what we are having you ask! Yes we will! Will I be sharing that news with you all, maybe I will and maybe I won't you will have to wait and see I guess. The current plan is to see if DH can keep his lips buttoned but if he can't and blows our cover I will likely share our news with you. Anyone want to hazard a guess at this stage what they think we are having this time?

In other news I have been busy with the Nappy Hunt on, but I have slowed up on searching for icons in the last week as other matters have taken over. I have had a few fluffy mail deliveries and bought some other bits and pieces we have needed but none of which I have really been for bubs in tum. On the discussion of nappies I have however been working on our newborn stash and have been picking up some nappies secondhand as well as having some lovely and dear clothy mumma friends give us some wonderful hand me downs. Once I have more of the stash sorted I will be sure to post some pics.

On the business front I have some news to report there as well. I am currently working on developing a better image for My Vintage Vow. So I am working with a beautiful NC mumma who is helping me out with a proper logo design that I most excited about. Also just today I registered my domain name for the business, but the website will be some time off yet but at least I have my domain name now and won't lose it. I've been working on some new handmade items and I have also been sourcing some AWESOME vintage and retro baby and kids clothing. I have plans of starting to sell a few of the items at markets/stalls/car boot type things in the meantime once I am better organised with the new business image (which shouldn't be too far off). I am rather excited about all these things that are happening and very excited that I have taken the leap to get things rolling in the right direction and not be held back by my initial efforts by doing my own imaging. I know some people will be wondering and thinking why I would be wanting to take this venture on further now with another baby on the way. But hey why not? My business is a combination of life long passions for me and I just want to try make a go of things win or lose.

So that's about it for recent updates that I can be bothered with, lots more has been happening but as always I could stick around and chat with your for ages. Anyways my lovelies until my next post I bid you a good day and I will drop in again soon even if it is just to tease you about what we are having even if I'm not going to tell you all.

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  1. That is adorable hehe....Oh and do you want a bunch of newborn nappies? Let me know your addy and I'll post them to ya


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