Monday, November 1, 2010

Happenings and going on's

What to do with oneself? I might be asking myself that question, come Wednesday but I think I should be right! It's official Cohen will be starting his first day in Family Day Care later this week. I have been trying to get all his bits and pieces organised and named and labelled over the last few days. After my initial reservations about putting Cohen into care, my emotions have settled down about it all and I am looking forward to it. I am especially looking forward to seeing how much further his language skills come along once he starts. Just in the last week or so he has come out with some more new words which really surprise me for an 18 month old......shovel (said shubble), cracker, Corky, plane and would you believe he blew us away with HELICOPTER yesterday sitting in his wadding pool outside while DH and I watched on and one flew over head. He is just so cute and is really trying to strike up conversations of mumbo jumbo with the odd noticeable word in there......I just love it, I just love being a mum to him!

I actually don't have any appointments this week (at least whilst Cohen will be in care) so whilst he is having his first day in care I will a free agent so to speak. Current plans are to make an uninterrupted phone call to a friend, craft and create and potter around and a coffee with a new friend might be on the agenda too. I find it hard to sit around and actually do nothing anymore, since having Cohen so I doubt I will be spending much time just lounging about on the lounge staring at the walls......I hope I get lots of things that warm my soul done.

So I should also report that I have just had a fabulous weekend just gone. On Friday I finally got to meet with in person a lovely mumma who has been a wonderful on line friend and support system to me for a while now. Of course "C" I'm talking about you! It was so nice to catch up with you Friday and Saturday and meet the kids. Also meeting "J" was a laugh crazy roller derby girl......just tell her no more talk around me of things that ick me and I will promise not to say words like extraction ha ha ha ha ha ha! So anyways people after catching up with "C" I am so super keen for some baby wearing action. I am all inspired after a demo of different carriers and slings thanks to "C" and "M" for putting up with mummy's requests. Honestly if some of these makers of slings and carriers made them in adult sizes I think I would have DH carrying me around everywhere, it just looks so comfy. So I am really going to try and stick with it and get into it early when bubs arrives and persevere. By the way "C" expect and email from me soon I have some questions!

The remainder of my weekend included some phone calls with some dear, dear people to my heart. Oh and I heard the words from a certain miss that their DH wants to send them down for some time with me......YAY, that would just be awesome "W". DH and I dropped in on friends, caught up with friends, I had some down time to spend more time with "C", I got time to craft and create over the weekend, we got to dine outdoors in marvelous weather, watch our nudey boy run around and enjoy being a kid and overall just have time to take a breath and relish what we have in our life and be thankful that despite everything else I sometimes talk about here - LIFE IS PRETTY DAMN GOOD!

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