Friday, November 12, 2010

A bubby to do list!

We have hit a milestone with belly bub, we are now at 25 weeks and viable! It was at about this time in Cohen's pregnancy where the seriousness and likelihood that I was actually going to have a successful birth hit me. Hit me it did and hit me hard and fast and at a speed and intensity that I could barely comprehend for much of the remainder of his pregnancy due to fear, grief and trauma. As you all know I have got heaps more professional support around me with this pregnancy and I am working with my psychologist and psychiatrist on several things. One of the biggest things my psychologist is trying to have me work on are things that will help me build a better relationship with what is happening this time around. With preparation for Cohen I didn't overly care what his cot looked like, I didn't buy new clothes, I didn't pack my hospital bag until loads of my girlfriends started to get on me about it late in the game.......lots of things, you sort of get the picture don't ya?

So I thought that making up a list of things I would like to get or do for myself and or bubs, or even in preparation for Cohen's transition to having a sibling might help here goes:

* Buy new bassinet mattress
* Buy a second car seat
* Watch my Hug-a-Bub DVD, yes Cel I still haven't done it, your demos are holding me over at present.....but this is seriously on the do list!
* Buy a big soft structured baby bag that I am actually happy with and will use rather then some other crappy bag
* I must buy some BIG wet bags for nappies when out and about
* Some nice things I would like to get myself would be some more cloth breast pads, some more PP cloth pads, some nice new comfy PJ's
* I'd love a facial or something and it's been ages since I had an eyebrow wax and a freshen up
* A couple of special occasion nappies for belly bub, I would do the same for Co but he looks as though he may be showing signs of TT so I am not so sure about doing that for him besides if I don't have shorts on him 99% of the time when he is wearing a nappy he will take his nappy off so no one would see a cute embroidered number on him

Well this is just a start, but it's not like we really need much anyway. To be honest I could get by on nearly everything we have here already. But I am trying my hardest to have things be different this time and allow myself to be excited and hopeful about things. All things considered I think I am doing well. I do have a considerable stash of newborn MCN nappies growing but I think I need to get a stash of smalls together as it will be a while before bubs is sharing on Cohen's MCN stash. I am also eagerly anticipating the arrival of knitted baby cocoon from Blueberry Hen. Oh and a certain lovely mumma I know is creating some pieces for us over at IssySnookles you can also check out more IssySnookles stuff on Minicuteture.

Now that I read back over of this post before publishing it, overall I think I should be pretty happy with myself and how far I have come in rising above my emotional/mental challenges with my PTSD and associated issues. I hope I can keep progressing and keep on checking in with you to share our preparations for belly bubs with you.

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