Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Family Day Care - Cohen's first day!

Well Cohen had his first ever day being cared for by someone other then a good friend or family member. He had his first day in Family Day Care, which he will be attending once a week from now on. When I dropped him off this morning he was ever so cute, helping me carry all his bits and pieces. Well in fact he dragged the nappy bucket all the way up the drive way, through the gate until he saw his day care mum and then when he saw the balls and sandpit were out he abandoned his duties so to speak helping mummy out. I am very happy that I have found a day care mum who is open and willing to work with me on the cloth nappying front. In fact she seems rather impressed with the idea of MCN that she has asked me to put together some info for her DIL, which I of course have been happy to oblige her with.

Anyways back to Cohen's first day at family day care, after getting all the paperwork and necessary bits and pieces taken care of it was time to say good bye. By this time Cohen had found that there was climbing equipment similar to what we have at home in the yard. Since he hadn't have any boobie all morning I thought before I left I best offer it to him, but no he was not interested just way to many things to do and look at. I asked for a kiss which he wouldn't oblige me with so I just grabbed him and planted a big sloppy one on him, I said goodbye and he didn't bat an eye or perhaps maybe he didn't even notice.

When I got home I did find it all too weird the lack of noise but I pottered around doing the general household odds and ends. I broke up my day with the odd half hour ti sit and have a bite to eat in front of the telly. But other then that I have been working on trying to sort out my creative space better. The task of getting the creative space more organised had another job thrown into it today, when there was a knock at the door from Australia Post. Thanks to a darling I know who sent me a rather heavy package, I took possession of a massive stow of buttons. It has literally taken me the better part of the remainder of the day when I have had time to sit down and sort them out into similar colour groups etc. Although not much other organisation got done today the buttons are a job I would of had to get around to doing some time sooner rather then later. Anyways I am rather excited about the haul of buttons I have got, I have some plans brewing in mind for projects at My Vintage Vow.

So come this afternoon when it came time to pick up Cohen, DH come home early so we both headed off to collect him. When we got there he was just quietly bouncing and rocking back and forth on this inflatable jumping thing. He was clearly happy to see us saying Mummy and Daddy and then proceeded to point out various things he can say words for ie. ball, car etc. By all accounts it appears as though he has had a very good first day taking part in lots of activities, slept well and ate well. In fact ate so well that he had nothing left, hence why the day care mum had asked I pack the eating machine even more food next week......oh my goodness where does it go with that kid.

Anyways my little munchkin has clearly had a full day, he snuggled into me earlier then normal on the lounge for some boobie and off to sleep 45 odd minutes earlier then his normal bed time tonight.

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