Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Touched out to touching!

Well I know I only blogged days ago with breastfeeding woes, but maybe just maybe things are turning the corner. You see the woes that I spoke of the other day have been going on for several weeks and have been increasing in nature to the obvious point of frustration which saw me here venting. Anyway over the weekend after months of wondering when Cohen will ever get anymore teeth, he started running really high temps and finally I found the culprit to be some toothy pegs coming through. We did however have a very hellish night with him Sunday night which saw me running on 2 maybe 3 hours broken sleep. I couldn't get the poor darling to settle and he wanted boobie to comfort and to fiddle but all he was doing was hurting me and I mean seriously hurting me. So sadly I had to refuse him because I was at breaking point with it all, and finally he gave in and fell asleep in my arms laying on the lounge with me. I got back to bed at 4am and he was awake and ready and chirpy at 5.30am can you believe it! Me however I was an emotional, mental and physical wreck from lack of sleep and frustration.

Anyway since we have gone through this whole process in the last 48 hours all Cohen's idiosyncrasies with his breastfeeding have settled down. After weeks of our breastfeeding relationship being tense, just 48 odd hours ago we had nicest breastfeed in weeks. Finally we were able to look into each others eyes while he was feeding and both of us be enjoying that again. Although he is still fiddling and somewhat tweaking with my other boob, he appears to be settling down with that so overall I am more calm and happy about his feeding again. I am thankful that we have what appears to be a turn in events, because I was wondering if he was starting to wean! I didn't want our breastfeeding relationship to end on a tense note. But in the last 48 hours he has been wanting boob a lot again and things are calm and I am happy. YAY!

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