Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Decemebers craft and celebrations!

I haven't posted pics for ages so I thought I would do a quick post to show off some of my Christmas crafts that I did from presents etc and a few pics of Cohen enjoying his Christmas day!

I did 2 of these tops in different and sizes very similar to one another for my and DH's god-daughters; they are sisters. The next pic is of some fabric covered note books we did for them also!

This next pic is of a Christmas decoration I did for a Secret Santa swap on NC. I had so much fun making it for my swapper that I was inspired to do more for my IL's as part of their Christmas gifts from us. My swapper got the bonus little mouse I made with a bell in it because she is rather fond of little mice.

And the pic to follow is what I received from my dear swapper, I just love it so much. Funnily enough though I actually have a pair of knitted socks in the same wool!

This pic is of a custom bag order I did through My Vintage Vow for a friend of ours. She had seen some other bags I had done and wanted me to whip something up for her 6 year old daughter. All materials and embellishments were up cycled. As an extra Christmas surprise I also popped some vintage handmade button hair ties and a t-shirt bangle as well!

And now a few pics of Co on Christmas Day, it's sometimes hard to remember to get the camera out and take more pics when you're just sitting there in the moment with them and you don't want to be stuck behind the camera YK? Anyways the first pic is Cohen opening up his Santa presents in his room. DH growing up only ever new the tradition of Santa presents to open on Christmas morning in your room all over the bed and then family presents under the tree. Therefor it is a tradition DH wishes to have with our children. Cohen's Santa presents where a wooden train with a petrol, log and block carriage.

Cohen's presents from us consisted of a wooden digger/tractor and a push along trike/bike thingy that has the handle at the back for an adult to hold onto.

Aside from that Cohen got loads more presents from family and friends and this final pic is of one of the gifts he got from Gran and Grandpa a horse which has this inflatable inside and Cohen just loves sitting on it and bouncing around like it's a bucking bronco. Overall it was an utter delight watching Cohen on Christmas Day although he still doesn't understand the day he seemed to understand the whole unwrapping gifts. He also seemed to understand the giving spirit by picking up gifts to give to other people and giving them a hug and kiss in the process. Awww sweet boy!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Has it been that long?

I just skimmed over my last post where I was commenting on having just reached viability! Wow time flies when you're baking a baby and when you're busy with a go getter like Cohen. Things are going well since last dropping in, there has been a little scare and an infection thrown into the mix but overall all is going well. I have something like about 8 weeks left, but we will see about all that. We will see if we have another go getter in the wings and decides that they must get the show on the road early. I won't be surprised if that is what happens, so I have finally started to get my finger out and I'm getting a little more organised. Aside from some of the emotional ups and downs and issues I have to manage surrounding a pregnancy, I feel overall I am doing at least better then what I was doing at this stage of the game in Cohen's pregnancy. Some of you reading know what we are having and some of you don't, in some part I am so eager to tell you all so I can tell you about some of the bits and pieces I have been getting together for bubs and post some pics!

Well the Christmas and New years break is going to fly past before I know it and then I will be on the serious final countdown for bubs. In other news Cohen is doing well his language skills have come on in such massive leaps and bounds in the last month that he amazes me. It really is just so amazing how quickly things change, just 20 months ago he was a newborn and his little foot was no bigger then my thumb.....a fact I was trying to describe to him the other night (not that he knew what the hell I was on about really). Daddy is going to be home for a week over Christmas/New Year and he will be getting Cohen's big boy bed painted and ready for him to move into as well as a new room. So many changes coming up for my little guy, and I find myself asking myself how am going to love another like him. I know the answer, your heart just expands and you just instantly do......but it is still so hard to comprehend when you look at your first born and look at their perfection.

I have also been keeping busy with Christmas crafts and stuff for the business, I will post pics of my Christmas crafts after Christmas Day as some people are waiting to open gifts. My nesting though is still in full flight, and having DH home over Christmas will be good because I will have an extra set of hands and loads more organisation will happen. I am sorry for my lack of posting recently but aside from the above mentioned I have truly just been keeping busy and have wanted my updates when I do share them about this pregnancy to have light to them. Hopefully after this weekend though I can drop back on in and post some pics and share with you the joys of our last Christmas as a family of three.

Merry Christmas to all, may this season and the year ahead be filled with love and light for you all! From our family to yours!
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