Saturday, January 1, 2011

In 2011 I'm going to be.....

Everything I have always thought I could be or at least give it a bloody good shot! I to am one of those ones who doesn't like to say they make resolutions. I hate the term resolutions around the close of a year and the start of a new one. It gives me the feeling of having to start things from day dot and all the pressure and expectation of that! Anyways I prefer to just say there are things I "would like to achieve" that way if I don't achieve them I don't feel so bad about it, because a lot of things in life are out of your control anyways!

In saying goodbye to 2010 I am saying goodbye to some really bad times and some of the most joyous and enlightening times of the year are coming with me into 2011. So here I go with my rambling list of things, thoughts and feelings about 2010 and what I am hoping for or looking forward to in 2011.

* well it being the 1st of January 2011 sees us in the month of last year where my re lactation journey with Cohen started, after I had another miscarriage! In a few short weeks we will mark a year on this incredible second chance journey together. So I am looking forward with hope that he will still want his boobie time with his mummy when belly bubs arrives very, very, very soon! Of course if he decides between now and then or after bubs arrives it's the end of this journey I will be sad and mourn but at least I know he will have made the choice this time and not me!
* in next to no time I am going to be the mum of two, WOW! So many thoughts and feelings about that excitement and nervousness and many other things that I can't really put into words but it's all good.
* along with my nesting that is still in force, I hope along with that comes a new found sense of proper organisation in this house which will bring more peaceful calm and flow to our day to day life.
* I am so driven this year to find a way to manage 2 kids and continue to give myself creative time that I have so been enjoying in the last 6 months. I must say the one true "goal" I have this year is to have things under control enough that I can get enough done with my business MY VINTAGE VOW to start venturing out to the weekend market scene. Big plans and big goals there, I really want this more then I have wanted anything else in regards to appeasing those creative, artistic, entrepreneur desires of mine for the longest time.
* I would really and truly like to pull my finger out to write that book I have always said I wanted to do.
* and aside from all that I want to be a good mum and laugh, play, sing, create and more with them. I want to give baby wearing a good go with belly bubs and I want to handle having 2 in cloth on my ear (which I am sure I will). I want to tandem breastfeed if Cohen is open to it. I want start studies to be a breastfeeding counsellor with the ABA (which is something I am leaving to think about until the other half of this year). I want to just live life, be happy, reduce chaos that affects this family from my own family dramas, I want to be grateful for all that I have and more and the potential of what a new day may bring!

I hope that everyones year is all that they dream them to be and deserve for them to be. May you and your families lives this year be filled with joy, and even if it is filled with sadness at times, may it be just enough sadness to allow you to further appreciate just how special life's magical moments really are.

Happy 2011 everyone!

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