Saturday, January 29, 2011

Baby Shower Gift

No not my baby shower, I'm not having one this time around. Why? Um I don't know, well I didn't want to have to organise it so I just haven't had one! However I do have a sweet friend of mine, actually she is/was my hairdresser and has become a very sweet friend over the last few years having a baby shower this weekend. This dear honey is due to have her baby about 8 or so weeks after I have belly bubs. As "S" as I shall call her, is going to be a lot younger mummy then me (she just turned 22 in December) she is the first of any of her friends to be having a baby. So I am, a bit of the big sister so to speak in showing her the way with bubs and her support system to cloth nappying and breastfeeding that she has told me she would like to do. I am very excited for her and the time that lays ahead for her and hope that I will be able to give her appropriate advice and support. I have offered to her that once I have belly bubs she is most welcomed to come visit as much as she likes in those early weeks and hang out to get more of a feel of what she is in store for when her bubs arrives.....she appears rather keen to take me up on that offer.

Anyways enough of the ramblings "S" baby shower is on Sunday and with funds being low until the start of February and until belly bubs arrives I got creative with a small gift for her baby shower. Here are a few pics of a simple little outfit I have made for her sweet little girl. A tiny little skirt made from a vintage inspired printed fat quarter and simple little singlet with a sweet little bow. I am really happy with how it all turned out (some of best sewing to date, I must say). I wish I had the energy, time and motivation to do more for her at the moment. However I have others to do for other new arrivals at the moment and I have promised "S" that I will help her with her cloth nappy stash building as she will probably be scoring all sorts of extras over the coming weeks and months from me anyhow.


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