Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Final Stretch

I am on the final stretch as they say, and man oh man am I feeling it. From aches, pains, cramps, braxton hicks, emotional and mental meltdowns, it's all happening. I never like saying the words "I am so over it", it conjures up a lot of emotion from thoughts and feelings I had when I was struggling with Elle and Meg's pregnancy! However I am very much looking forward to our precious little bundle making their appearance known earthside. I had a hospital appointment last week and as I had expected from aches and pains etc I have been suffering, they confirmed my thoughts that belly bubs has already started to descend.

On the front of getting organised and ready for bubs, I am doing well I think. Of course there are always more and more little things you would like to have in order and done before bubs comes, but overall we are pretty set. All the essentials are covered and at the end of the day that is really the only thing that is important. Just before sitting down to do this entry I was just going through all the baby clothes I recently inherited and was sorting it all out into sized piles. I seriously don't know how it happened but I have loads of clothes now. I have gone from having next to nothing to a plentiful wardrobe for bubs.

Hospital bags are pretty much packed, well the essentials are! Bubs bag is jammed packed with cloth nappies and covers etc. I am very excited to be having this bub in cloth from the first nappy. In MY bag apart from the ordinary stuff you would expect in a mummas bag, the next most exciting thing I have in there is my HAB ring sling as I hope and intend to start my baby wearing early. With Co being such an active tacker I still want to be able to interact with him as much as I can whilst caring for a newborn, and I see slings and wraps as a potential lifesaver for me. I am also hoping that it will work in the early days of managing and navigating the world of tandem breastfeeding and how to accommodate the needs of two children. That's right Cohen is still going strong (recently celebrating a year on our re lactation proud of us) so I am doing all I can to be prepared for him to want to continue. I have been flicking through a tandem breastfeeding book from the ABA library, and I have already spoken to the hospitals LC and I also have the wonderful advice and assistance of some other tandem mummas I know in real life and on line. I hope all that bodes well for the best chance of making tandem feeding work for us, that's if Co wishes to continue once bubs arrives.

There has been so much more happening of late, and a lot of it I have been back and forth in my mind about wanting to share it with you all. But a lot of it is so complex and involved with managing my pregnancy, PTSD and OCD that I would rather share other adventures and happenings with you at the moment. In saying that though I am very much looking forward to sharing more with you all very soon and also the announcement of our bubs safe arrival.

I shall retreat for now back into my nest, I may step out again before bubs arrives but we will see........otherwise the next time you will hear from me I will be basking in newborn snuggles.

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