Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another full circle moment!

Many of you know of my re lactation journey and I feel now that I can share these pics with you now that Sarah is here safe and sound. I have not been able to post pics of my belly bump until now due to strong feelings I have with my PTSD and OCD issues from losing the Elle and Meg. But now the evidence is in and Sarah is earth side I am happy and confident to share these pics with you.

This pic was taken about a week before Sarah's arrival. Cohen enjoying his boobie moments with mummy before bed in the evening. Enjoying the last days of just him and me in these moments. Throughout the pregnancy he seemed opened to tandem feeding having me breastfeed his toys and him at the same time. But look at us now, the three of us, who would have thought from all that has happened that this would have been the end result. Either way it's just beautiful and I am so lucky to be the mother of these gorgeous children.


  1. What other words can I say but 'absolutely perfectly precious' <3


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