Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Packages of Love and Loveliness

I am constantly astounded, amazed and grateful for the group of mumma's I am surrounding by, either by a long standing friendship from childhood right through to the most amazing friendships I have formed with those on line and of whom I have shared so much with. I am so grateful that I have so much love and support surrounding me on so many levels, the support alone is more then anyone would be grateful for but to be honoured with goodies for me and my sweet darling Sarah is so much more.

So get ready for loads of pics the first load of pics is a package of goodies I received from Noelle when she visited yesterday for the first time since having Sarah!

Noelle made the reversible top/dress at the top of the pic and the romper (I forgot to a pic of the romper by itself.....sorry). The rest of this bundle includes some hand me down woolies of which both Noelle and I adore and a few other goodies and baby socks!

Close up of denim side!

And how groovy is the corduroy side, Noelle did such a good job choosing fabrics she knows I would love.

The second package pictured is one that arrived yesterday afternoon and I was not expecting. It was from our dear friend Kathy in Melbourne and includes to playsuits and larger sizes and lovely baby memory box and a photo album.

Finally the final pics I am showing is of another package that arrived yesterday with a ratta tat tat at the door from Australia Post. It is not a package I was at all expecting and deeply touched my heart. The card that arrived with this package explaining the gift had me tears, happy tears to be so blessed to be gifted these precious items and the reasons behind I why I and my sweet darling Sarah was being honoured with this packaged. To this darling mumma, you know you have my heart and thank you!

Sorry pic is a bit blurry. Package includes a crocheted wrap vest, and handmade fitted cloth nappy, pink tights, handmade hair clip, cloth mama pad, a short sleeve suit, booties and the most funky bloomer and top set in pink with skull and cross bones......oh so funky and I love, love, love it!

Close up of bloomer girly and funky is it!

Pic of the back of the nappy!

And finally the vest!

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