Saturday, March 5, 2011

Two Timing it!

Sleepy Milky Smiles........gotta love them!

Thought I would drop in for a little chat and let you all know how we are travelling with two little ones in tow now. Sarah is 3 weeks this Thursday and it seems so crazy to think so much has happened and changed in that time. Sarah and I were re-admitted to hospital 24 hours after our initial discharged, we had to iron out some concerns we had with her and feeding and lack of enthusiasm and what appeared to be lethargy. Luckily for all involved what we discovered is that due to my already established milk supply from my continued breastfeeding of Cohen our wee little poppet Sarah isn't having to work hard for a feed. So therefore she doesn't work as vigorously for a feed and in a manner of speaking is getting so much of the "good stuff" so quickly that she would feed for very short periods of time and be blissed out and not bothered by any of our efforts to rouse her.

Anyways fast forward to now and it was only late last week that I dropped the hospitals LC's suggestion of feeding Sarah every 3 hours and waking her. As a result she is falling into to he own natural pattern and I am getting more sleep during the night (most nights) then I originally was. On to all other things that are Sarah and Sarah related matters. She is doing so well and growing and gaining weight quickly. I find myself everyday holding her and marvelling at how perfect she is and how perfectly she makes me feel. She is so beautiful and so healing for me, she is just.........ummm there just aren't words, she just is you know!

Cohen finds Sarah to be an utter marvel and loves to point out her feet, toes, fingers, nose etc. He matches his foot up with hers and looks at the difference in size and then looks at me and says big (referring to his foot being big). Just yesterday I was feeding Sarah perched up in the recliner with my v-pillow and he climb up on to my lap, he kissed Sarah on her bare back a few times sat up and said: "love you my sister"......awww bless his little soul. Overall Cohen is handling Sarah's arrival well, his behaviour has become a little defiant and he is testing boundaries but one can not expect there not to be some change in a toddler until things settle down.

DH stated the feeling here in our house perfectly.......I am loving my little family!

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