Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Still finding our way

Hi all, I had hoped I would have popped in before now to give you an update on our travels here at home. I have been pretty under the pump of late trying to juggle and keep 2 under 2 happy. Well it won't be 2 under 2 for much longer Cohen is about to turn 2 in a few short weeks....where has the time gone. Sarah has been somewhat unsettled and we are still trying to find our way with her and getting into a groove. We have had many a night of walking the boards with her for hours and hours on end with her awake and unsettled. She has even had days after nights like that where she has backed it up with literally not sleeping all day. Those days after those sort of nights are the times I am getting pushed to my absolute limits with mental, physical and emotional exhaustion. Poor Cohen I feel is the one who is suffering the most at these times because I just can't give him the attention he needs. I must be honest and further admit that my inabilities to cope some days are effecting our breastfeeding relationship. I want to rectify this as soon as I can, as he is still very keen and eager for boobie even more so now seeing Sarah feeding all the time. I have been telling him no way too much to his requests for boobie, when I am stressed out. But I just don't see the point in forcing myself to feed him when I am worked up and I am noting giving him the best of me. I have recently spoken further to one of the counsellors from our ABA group and also to my GP and other mums, and I have some renewed energy and some tricks to try.

Having said all that I have said thus far in this post by no means that I am wallowing about with struggles. Far from it, but on the days that it has been really testing and I have had no time for Cohen I have been putting a call out for help. I am so incredibly fortunate to have wonderful friends who have come by with their kids to keep Cohen company. I have had friends cook meals, tidy my kitchen, watch both kids so I can get to the chemist, bring lunch, lend me baby carriers and just friends to come and sit and chat. I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am and how much support I do have surrounding me and that help is only a phone call away you just need to ask for it.

I am hoping we may be slowly turning a corner with Sarah so I hope to posting again on a lot more regular basis. I have plenty I want to share and talk about, so hopefully soon I can update you on my other ponderings, antics and going-ons.

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