Monday, April 25, 2011

Thanking ya!

To all who have made comment on my previous post thank you. To all of you who have contacted me via other means to let me know you tried to leave comment but it wouldn't allow you to, thank you I will have to investigate why that is an issue. Furthermore just an overall thanks to everyone for being supportive of all my goals, dreams, plans and ideas that I am currently working on. Sorry to those who I haven't been able to stop with for long to fill you in on everything. However I will give you some heads up to watch this space, because there is slowly going to be some changes here. Some changes you will start seeing in the short term and others are going to be in the long term. Amongst those changes will be a new look for Journey to Bliss, a lot more regular posts as well as some new ventures into helping others.

Again thank you to everyone, I am truly blessed with the friendship of many of you and I am truly grateful to have your love, help and support.

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