Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mothers Day

Last weekend was Mothers Day and I had a glorious day, it was a busy but relaxing day hence why I didn't stop to do a post on the weekend because I was busy enjoying mu day, my hubby and my kids. The rest of the week since Mothers Day has been busy with appointments, sick kids, dramas with kids, arranging the kids Christenings and running around.

Anyways back to last Sunday and Mothers Day, I got to have a nice little snuggly lay in with Miss Sarah. When I got up and come out to the living room with little miss, my darling boy came bounding over to me with a gift bag of goodies saying "Happy Birthday Mummy". The concept of trying to say Happy Mothers Day after the last 3 weekends of celebrating birthdays was a little too hard. So instead I got "birthday today mumm yay" and my little man clapping. I got a lovely card that DH bought but also one that Cohen had made at day care. I was also spoilt with chocolate moulds, cookie cutters and some mini cookie cutters. I have recently been delving into the world of doing Bento Lunches (when I get the time) for Cohen so the gift of the cutters will allow me to play around a bit and create different themes etc.

DH prepared me breakfast which was toast and dandelion tea whilst I breastfeed Sarah and then of course Cohen has to have his turn "my turn now" lol! After breakfasts and breastfeeds we got ourselves ready (we had done some prep the night before) and headed off to the Mount Tambourine markets. We had a lovely morning looking around, it was really busy and there were several new stalls that we haven't seen up there before. I was also very thankful and excited to be able to stop by Juky and Beatrix which I blogged about well over a year ago. Mae the business the owner does handmade stationery and some awesome up cycling of old and vintage books. I had a chat with her about our previous interactions and also told her what I am hoping to do with the re-launch of My Vintage Vow. So hopefully very soon once we are up and running again I will be featuring Mae and Juky and Beatrix for one of my reviews on My Vintage Vow.

Once we had worked up an appetite from walking around the markets we hopped into the car and drove to Canungra to enjoy a picnic lunch on a grassy spot on the side of the road and also to indulge my op shopping desires. I was able to pick up a lovely vintage beading clutch handbag, a big red bag which I am now using as a nappy bag for the moment, a retro style bangle and some plastic coloured knitting needles all for $8. After I was opped out we headed home and just enjoyed a lazy afternoon playing in the yard with the kids in the sun on a blanket. There isn't much more I can tell you about my Mothers Day other then it was pretty damn blissful.

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